Challenge: Starting a Blog

Heyyyyy guys! Starting a blog is hard work. I mean, it’s not hard work compared to, like, being a coal miner or a street kid, but it’s hard work compared to doing nothing. Which is what I’m usually doing: Nothing. Or sitting at the pool. I’ve got it rough, guys. Feel sorry for me–it’s really hot here!

But, look! The blawg has been started! Passive voice has been used! I’ve spent a lot of time muttering under my breath about all this newfangled technology! I have ideas! I have opinions!

Also, I feel weird about having a blog. That is all. More to come soon!



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4 responses to “Challenge: Starting a Blog

  1. Wow. So you moved to Thailand ON PURPOSE? Anyway, groovy blog! I’m in Ayutthaya and wish I were in Bangkok most everyday. There’s civilization there!

  2. Loved your blog. Probably the best one on thailand i must say. I had to go through it till the end. fabulous effort. will keep following ur feeds on twitter too.

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