Challenge: Going to Malaysia, Days 1 and 2

What has six thumbs and visited Malaysia for five days?

This trio:


Sometimes being on vacation isn’t enough. Sometimes you need a vacation from your vacation. This is serious business, people. We decided that our challenge would be Going to Malaysia, as it fit our criteria: Cheap-ish, close-ish, and fast to get to. Ish. Oh, and there’s a beach. And delicious food. And lots of culture. Yeah, the culture, that’s what we went for…

Brock covered the ethnic make-up of Malaysia, but I’ll just say that basically it’s a mix of Malays, Chinese, and Indians. Importantly, Malaysia is a Muslim-majority country, the first I’ve been to (not as important, but still interesting). We had one half day and one full day in Penang, as island off the coast of Malaysia. It was kind of deserted because everybody had either left or closed down their shops to celebrate Hari Raya/Eid (pronounced “eed”), which I’m just going to go ahead and describe as the Muslim Christmas. I know that’s not an accurate description at all, but…give me a break, my brain is fried from being on the beach. (HERE IS WHERE YOU MAKE SYMPATHETIC NOISES.)

We had a great time.

**WARNING** The following sentence and picture is NSFMD (Not Safe For My Dad) and NSFPWAGTTMD (Not Safe For People Who Are Going To Tell My Dad).

We rented motorcycles.

I doubled with Brock, who was an excellent driver, as evidenced by the fact that we are both still alive. Josh here is also an excellent driver. Same reason.

**OKAY** Totally SFMD (Safe For My Dad) again.

We ate some foods.

This place was called Annalakshmi. Donation-based Indian food, which was delicious. I paid less than $3 for that food and a lassi. I wasn't stiffing them; that's an average donation.

Brock in a food-induced coma. Somebody hit him on the back and now his face is like that permanently. Our mothers were right! Dang!

Try to take my food and I WILL cut you!

We saw a crazy Chinese Buddhist temple complex.

The name of this place is Kek Lok Si.

We visited a spice garden and had nutmeg juice. Did you know that a nutmeg tree has fruit? Now you do. Mameshiba!

Not nutmeg, and of course I can't remember what spice this actually is. There was also a spice that was an amulet for smallpox, which clearly worked. Good job, spices.

Penang was beautiful, but we had more important things to get to, namely, the beach.

Bye, Penang!

Sunset! Nothing clever to say here.

This is a trishaw. A tough guy with wiry little legs will pedal you around on this if you give him money. We didn't do it.

This is at a mosque in Penang.

I like this picture.

Indian bangles. I bought some.

I dubbed this "The Indian Brokeback Mountain." Love can find a way! If this picture is not blurry, you need to get your eyes checked.

Cultural differences in food are interesting and should be respected. Seriously, though, folks--gross!

Behold the Asian toilet! The hose is there instead of toilet paper, bidet-style. Obviously, I carry baby wipes with me wherever I go.

Another shot of that temple.

Stay tuned for more about Malaysia, including pictures of the beach that will make you want to be like me (yes, that means quitting your job without really thinking things through and moving to a country where you can neither read nor speak the language).


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6 responses to “Challenge: Going to Malaysia, Days 1 and 2

  1. jess

    Can’t wait for part two, electric beach boogaloo!

  2. Beth

    But, umm, well, I get the little hose thing for the toilet.. But how do you USE it? Isn’t it easier to have an elevated toilet to sit on?

    • You just squat, Beth…and, yeah, it’s usually easier to have a western-style toilet, but sometimes when they’re really dirty, I’m actually glad to have a squat one instead. Toilets in Asia can be very scary…

  3. Judit

    Ok, not to disappoint you or anything, but I have already heard about those disgusting Pringles from my friend who lives in Singapore. I nearly threw up when I first heard about them. thanks for the reminder.

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