Challenge: Ordering Noodles from a Street Stall

I eat from street stalls at least once a day because the food is ridiculously cheap ($1-2), fresh, and amazingly delicious. Before I started Thai classes, a mere 8 days ago, I was reduced to grunting and pointing at the food I wanted, much like a middle schooler in the school cafeteria.

Sometimes I miss those little heathens.

I don't miss them THAT much.

Anyway, yesterday I was honestly able to order some food at a street stall and have a sort-of conversation.

The Noodle Lady is super nice and says hi to me every time I walk past, and as a bonus, her noodle soup is amazing. This is a transcript of our conversation as recorded by my brain. Keep in mind this is all actually in Thai, people.

Noodle Lady is on the right. The lady on the left thinks I am HILARIOUS for just existing.

Me: Can I please have noodle soup? Please don’t add meat.

Noodle Lady: Muttermuttermutter don’t add meat. *Points at some thin noodles with a questioning look.*

Me: *Shake my head.*

Noodle Lady: Big noodles?

Me: *Nod my head vigorously!*

After I eat the soup, which had some meat in it,  Noodle Lady comes over to me.

Noodle Lady: Blahblahblah?

Me: *Deer in headlights. What would be appropriate to say here?* Delicious!

Noodle Lady: *Notices I have left the meatballs and other pieces of meat she added.* Blahblahblah?

Me: Ummmm…I….umm….no like! *Realize all of a sudden this could be an insult, then frantically try to gesture that it’s MY stupid farang (white person) fault, not hers.* Ummm…I am….I am person…

Noodle Lady: *Takes pity on me.* You’re a vegetarian?

Me: *Relieved!* Yes! A little! *This makes no sense! But I don’t care!*

I then paid and walked away from the conversation feeling as though my grasp on Thai was such that I should pretty much be able to run the country.

Today I went back and she made the noodles perfectly, with no meat, and I didn’t even have to say anything. However, I totally ruined my street cred by choking on some chili that got stuck in my throat and I was like, No! I like spicy! Crap! I look like a stupid farang again! Insert sad face here.

These noodles were all like, "I'm delicious!" And I was like, "I KNOW, noodles! That's why I'm eating you!"

I provide hours of amusement for the street stall people. When I walked back by later this afternoon, the guy who also works there said, You’re not hungry?! But I don’t care–at least I’m starting to understand when they make jokes about me, and at least I can eat their delicious food with much more minimal effort, and that’s all that matters.

Final Score:

Ordering Noodles at a Street Stall: 0   Megan: 1

I came, I saw, I ate the noodles I ordered. And I’m going back again because now I don’t have to say anything.



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9 responses to “Challenge: Ordering Noodles from a Street Stall

  1. Marlee

    When your noodles can talk, it’s time to give up the vegetarianism.

  2. Grant

    Glad to see you’re learning the lingo so well. Actually, it’s really impressive to be able to say anything after just a few weeks. Looks like you’ll be having noodles for a while.

  3. Have you been watching me order food????

    (*don’t worry everyone gets a little chili pepper stuck in their throat. EVERYONE chokes one time or another and no one even flinches)

  4. dave

    You’re getting sexier as you get older:-)

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