WTF? (What THE? Fridays)

Hopefully continuing series of pictures of things that make me go–WHAT? REALLY?

Because everybody has a Wordless Friday or TMI Tuesday or whatever, and I want one, too.

That is actually an ice cream SANDWICH. People roam around with little carts and you pay them actual money to give you ice cream on bread. It was not disgusting.

Seriously, I have no clue what this means.

You cannot have weapons, sex, or dogs in this taxi. Or maybe you can't choke people. Maybe I have a dirty mind...hmm...

And no alcohol or durians.

And definitely no...cute water buffalo? Huh?

p.s. I got my stitches out today! My belly now looks like I’m a recovering Frankenstein.



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12 responses to “WTF? (What THE? Fridays)

  1. Love your WTF and look forward to more…that oil to bar the hole sign has got me beat…but I’m working on it!

  2. So funny. I have photos of the inside of taxis with no dogs, no smoking, and no bar girls/sex. But I don’t have one with no buffalos. I’m going to keep my eye out for that one :-D

  3. Hi Megan, I suppose if you did own a taxi and somebody tried to get in the back with a buffalo you would kick yourself if you didn’t have this sticker :-)

  4. In Thailand, calling someone a buffalo is an insult. So could it be that?

  5. danny

    hi megan,

    oil to bar the hole from the writing in thai brakes down to 3 parts

    bor = pond
    tak = to scoop up
    nam mon = oil / grease

    i think that would be a grease trap

    great blog best of luck in bkk


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