WTF? (What THE? Fridays) Part 2

Hopefully continuing collection of pictures of things in Thailand that make me scratch my head, chuckle, or just generally go–HUH?

Because everybody else has a Wordless Wednesday or TMI Tuesday, or whatever, and I want one, too.


A chicken foot! In my lunch! No! I'm not that culturally sensitive!



Ok. This is a sushi stand in Bangkok, outside, without air conditioning. I repeat--a sushi stand. In Bangkok. Outside. Without air conditioning. Who thought that sounded like a good idea?



What he said!



Erm, everybody knows that the real secret to youthful skin is sacrificing a kitten and rubbing its blood on your face. Don't fall for the old Super Placenta scam, ladies!


Hooray! It’s Friday!



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6 responses to “WTF? (What THE? Fridays) Part 2

  1. jess

    I’ll trade you some Super Placenta for Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Deal? Deal???

  2. It just so happens that we seem to be eating almost every part of the creature, except for its feathers. We even eat chicken’s butt. This is true. I am not kidding.

    • Chicken butt?! Um…well, I guess people eat pork butt, right? Or is that just an expression? I am only recently getting back into eating meat, so I can’t eat the “interesting” bits yet.

  3. In some Native American cultures they EAT the placenta. It’s suppose to have all these nutrients (oh sure, sure), and funny I noticed the same thing at 7-11 :D

    And it is VERY common to have street sushi. I see it everywhere at the markets but I haven’t brought myself to buy any of it yet.

    Be careful when you go have dim sum – sometimes they serve chicken feet! I just can’t imagine that they taste that good, you know???

    • Yeah, I’ve actually read that some people who are into EXTREMELY natural childbirth eat the placenta, as well. To each his own? Maybe?

      I’m pretty sure if I ever ate any of the street sushi that I would immediately die a horrible, painful death.

      And, yeah, I can’t imagine that chicken feet are really great, but what do I know?

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