Challenge: Shameless Self-Promotion Day

It’s Shameless Self-Promotion Day a lot in my apartment, but as I live alone, I’m usually just promoting me to myself.  I do a pretty good job of it most days.


I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and gosh darn it, people LIKE me!


However, it’s nice when somebody else wants to hear ALL ABOUT ME. I mean, I have things to say! I have ideas! I have opinions! Seriously, I have a lot of opinions–just ask my ex-boyfriends.

So, when Amy P over at The Expat Women’s Guide to Living in Thailand asked if I wanted to do an interview for her site, I was like, Are you actually asking me to just talk about myself? Where do I sign up?!

Because a blog by me, about me is not enough. Blog blog blog! Me me me!

Click here to get to my interview. Feel free to shamelessly promote yourself, as well. It’s totally obnoxious, but who can care? Not me!

Final Score:

Shameless Self-Promotion Day: 0    Megan: 1

Uh, it wouldn’t be Shameless Self-Promotion Day if I didn’t win the smackdown, would it? It would be like–well, I’m great, but I’m also a failure at being me…so, yeah. Remember, this is Shameless Self-Promotion Day, not Modest Self-Promotion Day. I win! Hooray!



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13 responses to “Challenge: Shameless Self-Promotion Day

  1. Hi Megan, I’m also a shameless self-promoter; well nobody else is going to do it for me :-)

    I enjoyed reading the interview. She is right about your blog being highly entertaining and well written – keep up the good work. Leaving your old friends must have been hard but you sound like the type of person who makes friends easily.

  2. I *TOTALLY* loved reading all about you, Megan, and have been enjoying your blog. Keep it up, you’ve got me hooked and probably lots of others, too! :)

  3. Hey I learned form that interview that you lived in Osaka before! Ever make the trip up to Nagoya?
    Probably not, I mean, why would anybody go there that didn’t have to, right? :)

  4. Good for you!!! Okay will read the article now. . :D

  5. Fred

    Great blog. Would read again. A++++++.

    I find that ‘Western’ food is terrible here – referring to an earlier post – and the most disappointing thing I ever had was a pizza. Mind, you, picked it up on the spur of the moment from a street vendor. Maybe my expectations were the problem, not the pizza. But it was dire…..

    Like the blog. Liked the interview. Have fun with your afternoon studies.

    Thailand 0 Megan 1.

    • Thanks! :)

      Yeah, I ordered another pizza with my friends on Sunday and was very disappointed. I cannot even begin to imagine what pizza from a street vendor here would be like–I think dire is probably the correct word…

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