WTF? (What THE? Fridays) Part 3

Hopefully continuing collection of pictures of things in Thailand that make me scratch my head, chuckle, or just generally go–HUH?

Because everybody else has a Wordless Wednesday or TMI Tuesday, or whatever, and I want one, too.


I find this highly amusing. Supposedly it makes your nipples pinker. So there you go.



Disposable undies from the 7-11...I suppose they could come in handy at some point?



If you can't read it, it says "Milky Corn Drink". Look, I'm sure it's delicious, but I think I'll pass.



American fried rice from a restaurant in BKK (my Korean friend ordered it). Note: fried egg, chicken leg and hot dog. I mean, the U.S. is a big country--maybe it's popular in places I haven't been to!


Uh…pretend like I said something incredibly witty and clever you’ve never head before about it being the weekend. Hooray!

Friday update:

  • I saw Red Eagle on Wednesday. I was kind of like, um, more Ananda Everingham with his shirt off and less with the heads rolling down the street, thanks.
  • I started a Twitter account. I always made fun of people who had Twitter accounts, but since I want to achieve Total Internet Domination, I don’t have a choice but to start one. So, follow me, or twit me, or tweedle me, or whatever it is kids do these days. I promise ridiculousness and hilariousness. Actually, that sounds like a lot of pressure, so instead I just promise words! Once I figure out what the hell I’m doing! @bkksmackdown


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17 responses to “WTF? (What THE? Fridays) Part 3

  1. Oh Jeebus, I’ve been here too long. I saw that American Breakfast and thought “Well what’s strange about that?” Granted, I am Canadian, but still. Enjoy reading the site, always great to re-live the ‘Kok through fresh eyes.

  2. Pink nipple cream! Even if I wanted it, I can’t see myself sampling the tester instore.

  3. I followed you on Twitter and I must say I am impressed. Not a single Tweet and you already have 6 followers. I have to pay people to follow me ;(

    I might try an experiment and upload a cute girly picture as my profile pic and see if I get a lot of followers. Hopefully they won’t look at my name and notice….

  4. freaking hilarious. especially the american friend rice (a HOT DOG????) and the milky corn drink. if you ever try it, let us know what that’s all about… LOL! please, keep the WTF posts coming!

  5. Jess

    I would like to see the person who tries to buy the nipple cream AND the disposable underdrawers at the same time. I think that would qualify as a smackdown…

  6. Megan, I too cannot get my head around hot dogs instead of sausages and I’ve been here for yaks ages. When Thailand has fabulous sausages of their own, WHY go for hot dogs or cocktail sausages? I can only think that the Germans led the way (they are big producers of all things cold meat in Thailand).

    • American = Hot dogs? I guess it’s better than a hamburger or a piece of apple pie on top…

      • American food products are not too popular in Thailand.

        From what I’m seeing, the Germans have a big chunk of the processed meat market in Thailand. Just like in Germany, you will find cocktail sausages, cold cuts of all sorts, and bacon. The Germans are big on cold cuts (I almost starved during my time there).

        I can only find American hot dogs at Villa and Paragon (in the freezer section usually). Whereas German products are found in Thai grocery stores. And as mentioned, breakfasts at large chain hotels.

        Apple pie for breakfast sounds much better than bland German wienies :-D

  7. Doesn’t everyone want pink nipples? I know every Thai girl I know wants em and they all have whitening creams out the ying yang.

    The corn milk definitely made my stomach groan just looking at the pic.

    As for food products I stick to Thai food…always good, always cheap and I can get it everywhere.

    • I guess pink nipples are a thing…I just don’t think I’ve ever seen cream for it. It made me giggle.

      And apparently the American fried rice is a Thai invention!

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