Challenge: Still Eating ALL the Chips!

One of the proudest moments of my life was in February 2010. The East Coast of the United States was hunkered down after having been hammered by days of record-breaking blizzards. School was out for 10 days. Public transportation wasn’t running. People were without electricity; more importantly, people were without the internet.

Take a deep breath. I know it’s hard to imagine.

Cabin fever had set in chez Megan, as I lived alone in the suburbs, and I went into a major cleaning frenzy in case I went all Shining on myself and major news outlets came to film my apartment. My mother would just die if my apartment was a mess on national television.

On about day 3,489, a realization began dawning in my mind; a realization about how strong I was; a realization that I had a reserve of endless willpower I didn’t even know about; a realization that I had been snowed in for several days with a family-sized bag of my favorite Utz sour cream and cheddar potato chips and had not even finished them.

Sometimes it takes a difficult time to find your real inner strength, people.

Snowmaggedon 2010.

The real point of all this is to say that I really like potato chips. I detailed my previous experiences with Thai potato chips here, in which I discussed blueberry-hazelnut Pringles and hot chili squid chips (NO!).

I now present a series of photos of the chips I have had over the past month and a half or so. The photos aren’t great, but since everybody takes great photos I’ve decided to distinguish myself on the basis of my terrible pictures.

Not bad. Couldn't taste the sesame at all, but the lemon was quite pronounced. I would probably buy them again.

I think these are cheddar chutney chips. Not bad. I would probably buy them again.

Steamed pork bun chips. Must not have been very offensive or memorable, as I have nothing to say about them besides that they exist.

Hot chicken lemon chips. Hot? No. Chicken? Absent. Lemon? Check!

I'm not sure, but I think these are some kind of fish with dipping sauce. The ridged chips are the fish flavor and the smooth chips are the dipping sauce. VERY strong flavor. Not bad, but not great.

I think these are a kind of Thai sausage. Again, VERY strong flavor. I ate them late at night after being out and still had the flavor in my mouth in the morning. Gross.

So, not that I’m a hypochondriac or anything, but I’m pretty sure I’ve caught narcolepsy from somewhere. Yesterday in class I fell asleep with my head on the desk for about 40 minutes–after I’d had an iced coffee. Finally, I gave up and went out to the lounge to sleep in a chair. Then I took a nap in the afternoon. I mean, seriously?

Final Score

Still Eating ALL the Chips: 0    Megan: 1

I might even eat some of these again!




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17 responses to “Challenge: Still Eating ALL the Chips!

  1. I hope you’re not worrying re the sleeping. Taking naps during meetings, classes, in Starbucks seems to be quite normal here.

    You’ve been braver than I on testing crisps (as we Brits call them) I just get mildly depressed that I can’t find salt and vinegar.

    • Not particularly worried; I just couldn’t figure out why I was SO tired yesterday.

      I swear I’ve seen something like salt and vinegar chips here. They have a windmill on them–Dutch style crisps, supposedly.

  2. fish and dipping sauce chips?!?!?

  3. Marlee

    Um, so, why did the class (or teacher for that matter) let you sleep for 40 minutes in class? Nobody dropped a book right by your desk or yell your name really loud? Very interesting.

  4. I eat crisps here fairly regularly. I always feel a bit ill afterwards though. I think that Thai crisps must be similar to pregnancy; you develop a sort of amnesia after eating them and end up purchasing them again :-)

    • I tend to eat junk food more during hot weather, which means…yeah, I eat a lot more junk food here. Back home, I rarely went to convenient stores like 7-11, but here I do it all the time, so it’s just easier to pick up a bag of crisps on my way home…

  5. Jess

    I checked our local stores here to see if they carry Utz chips. They do not, or you would’ve received a care package. Also: why can’t you order them online??? I’m looking at you, Amazon, place of the selling of all things!!

  6. What? No seaweed or squid chips? I always have to be careful when I do get a wild hair for some chips as there are so many choices and I really just want BBQ not BBQ monkey arse or rotten fish.

    As for UTZ chips if I remember right they are made in Pennsylvania ( I’m from Baltimore ) and they only ship their chips to the tri-state area for freshness concerns…they aren’t a huge operation I think.

    • I forgot I had a picture of the seaweed ones, and I talked about the squid ones before (SO GROSS). Sometimes I really just want some lime Tostitos–oh god, they are so delicious!

      You’re from Baltimore? I adore that city. I spent about 7 years in Takoma Park, just down the road. :)

  7. rikker

    The cheddar + chutney ones are cheddar + chili paste (a Thai staple concocted from roasted chilis, onions, garlic, oil, fish sauce, etc.). The fish + dipping sauce ones are actually pork + barbecue sauce. You’re a brave person. ;)

    • Hmmmm…those things make much more sense. I was wondering why it would be fish. This is why I need to learn to read Thai! Or interpret pictures of food better.

  8. What’s your secret?
    I think I love chips as much as you do but I have to control my consumption or I’d get even fatter than I already am!

    Then again I suppose I could eat pretty much anything I wanted until I was 27, then every calorie was a consequence.
    Ha! youth! That’s no secret at all! Damn you metabolism!!

    Ahhh, Salt ‘n’ Vinegar…Burger Rings…or as we do in Japan; Consomme sauce chips….

    • I’ve had to back off on the chips myself, actually; those are older examples.

      There’s a Korean kid in my Thai class–he’s 24, so he’s a kid–who eats literally 3-4 plates of food for lunch every day and is still as thin as a rail. Doesn’t seem fair.

      If you happen to see Calbee kimchee chips, send them my way!

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