Pictures of Chiang Mai

Not much of a challenge for today’s post, but I guess I did kick Chiang Mai’s ass last week. I ate a whole bunch of khao soi (a delicious soup), as well, so it looks like I also win the challenge of Megan vs. Khao Soi.

Eating some Asian breakffast at a Buddhist vegetarian place. Only 10 baht (maybe 30 cents)! Asian breakfast consists of rice and things on it. No pancakes! No toast! No English muffins!


So, in Japan, people always asked, "Can you use chopsticks?! Can you eat raw fish?!" And I was always like, "Uh, yeah, like, billions of people around the world can do both of that. So, yeah, I can." But in Thailand they ALWAYS ask, "Can you eat spicy food?" Then they always confirm, like, twelve times, until I'm at the point where I'm losing my patience and going, "I UNDERSTAND I'M WHITE, BUT I CAN EAT SPICY FOOD. I KNOW IT'S HARD TO BELIEVE, BUT I WILL BE OKAY." I'm telling them IN THAI that I can eat spicy food, but they still won't believe me. I know they're trying to be helpful, but yeesh. What would we say in America? "Can you eat mounds of greasy fast food?! No, really! Okay,'s reaaaaally greasy..."

Wholesale market. Total awesomeness and stinkiness.

Me in the morning. I. WILL. KILL. YOU. Even if you are very nice to me and rub my back very sweetly to try to wake me up gently. NO MORE MORNINGS EVER!!!!!!!!

Big ol' Buddha at Doi Saket.

My students said: Ass Buddha!

I think this is just a nice photo.

We're actually having a lot of fun!

Botanical gardens near Doi Saket. Really awesome, actually.

A flower shot.

Phuping Palace, which is where the Royal Family still stays sometimes. Or used to, anyway. They were *very* strict about covering up.

SO beautiful. Jackfruit and sticky rice. I want to see that every day. And then I want to stuff it in my face.

Absolutely amazing northern Thai meal. It was just the two of us. Kidding! It was about 12 people, and we left a whole lotta food on the table. I'm sorry, starving children! (I really am!)

More pretties!

Elephant thingie with other thingie at night.

Look at me! I'm standing next to a wall! Hooray for walls!

Hooray! It's another wall! With lights!

We’re off to Vietnam Wednesday morning and will be back on Saturday. I am going to eat some delicious bread and pho and drink some amazing iced coffee. Don’t be jealous (be jealous a little)! We will be missing Thanksgiving and all the yummy food that comes with it, especially my Grandma Shirley’s broccoli-cheese casserole (with frozen broccoli, CheezWhiz, cream of chicken soup, and Minute Rice, baby), but it’s okay because I haven’t been home for Thanksgiving for years, anyway.

I’ll still miss all my family and friends back home!


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10 responses to “Pictures of Chiang Mai

  1. love the pictures! you totally kicked chiang mai’s ass!

    on an unrelated note… what was that sticky rice blue?

  2. I’m impressed by your photo skills Megan. I used to spend a lot of time in Chiang Mai; that is where I met my wife. We had to choose between living there or Bangkok – we decided on the big city because it is nearer to the beaches.

  3. Jess

    Beautiful photos, Megan! We miss you more!

    And I would just throw out this suggestion, too, for the American food challenge: are you SURE you can eat three times the serving you’re used to for one meal???

  4. You got some great picture taking skilz! I haven’t loaded my pics from Loy Kratong yet but I know they didn’t turn out half as pretty as yours!

    Come back soon! And yes, totally jealous of your Vietnam trip. . .

  5. Jon

    Great photos…haven’t been to CM in a while, must go back! Not sure I’ve ever met anyone who doesn’t like CM to be fair.

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