UPDATE: Eating ALL the Chips

What is it about potato chips that are so freaking delicious? I mean, seriously, if I feel sick, if I feel grumpy, if I feel happy, it doesn’t matter–I always want potato chips.

I’m really still missing my favortie UTZ sour cream and cheddar chips, which I will remind you of any chance I get in the hopes that one of my friends on the East Coast will take the hint already and figure out a way to send me some. Christmas is coming up soon, folks, don’t forget that! I’m in a very foreign country, so you should all take pity on me and send me things that remind me of home!

Anywho, here is an update on the Eating ALL the Chips challenge. Now including Vietnamese potato chips!


Soft-Shell Crab Pringles. Yeah, I don't think that's a picture of a soft-shell crab, Pringles people. Just FYI. These were inoffensive, but nothing to write home about. Even though I am, in fact, in a way writing home about them.

What the hell are these? The WINNER of something, according to the picture, though I'm not sure what they won because they were pretty pedestrian. The picture is of oil and grains and some shrimpy lobster thingie with stuff inside it.

"Mediterranean" Crab Curry Flavored Potato Chips Ridge Cut. Uh, does the Mediterranean have crab curry? Me thinks not. Also, me thinks these were disgusting. I mean, I still ate the whole bag because I needed a fix pretty desperately, but I did not enjoy it in the least. In the LEAST, I say!

Peking Duck chips from Vietnam. Vietnam has chips now! I would buy these if I had to again, but only if I had to.

Brazil BBQ Pork Rib Flavor. I am ashamed to say that I did not, in fact, eat these, but I am posting them anyway, for your intellectual edification.


Manhattan Rib-Eye Steak. Oh yeah, by the way, Poca is Lay's in Vietnam. I wonder what Lay's means in Vietnamese. So, I ate these, and they were, like, whatever.

Seriously, I have been having a lot of lackluster potato chip experiences lately. I need to step up my game! Or I need to just shell out the dough for some Kettle Chips or something equally delicious. I keep looking at the seaweed chips in the store, because there are so many varieties, and I just don’t have the heart for it. I mean, okay, shrimp tempura seaweed might taste of something other than seaweed, but I doubt it. And I know what seaweed chips taste like which is: seaweed. And I love seaweed in certain contexts–I mean, I did live in Japan for awhile–but on my potato chips? SIGH. BE MORE LIKE WHAT I WANT EXACTLY WHEN I WANT IT, BANGKOK!




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10 responses to “UPDATE: Eating ALL the Chips

  1. i just tried these amazing “fully loaded baked potato” kettle chips- they were AMAZING. wish i could send you some! not sure how i feel about seafood + potato chips… but that’s probably just a dumb american bias. ;)

  2. I’ve had the nori potato chips (which, surprisingly, I never remember seeing in Japan… did they exist there?). They’re nice — light & almost refreshing (potato chips can be refreshing, right?).

  3. Fred Trellis

    I’m saying you should try the shrimp tempura seaweed crisps. Yes, I said crisps, for I am an English person.

    The STS crisps are as not as bad as they sound, although, like all your tests in this update, a little lacklustre. That lack may take the harsh edge off the seaweed for you.

    I question ‘lacklustre’ for crisps – I mean, I would be wary of lustrous crisps. And what kind of job would that be?

    • I actually have tried the STS crisps since I wrote this, and they were just like you said–lackluster (I’m American! It’s lackluster!).

      I would definitely volunteer for a job as a crisp polisher. That sounds awesome!

  4. Jay

    Meg – according to the picture, the Peking Duck chips are actually Beijing Duck chips. I am going to Canada for Christmas and if I remember I will bring you back some Old Dutch Dill Pickle or Old Dutch Ketchup flavored chips. Yum yum!

  5. I’m telling you – you’ve got to try durian chips – jing jing.

    Also have you considered moving on to nuts? I mean they have some very interesting looking nut flavors. (which of course I haven’t tried.)

    Also – more unsolicited suggestions: have you tried these flavors with beer? Could be a taste enhancer!!!

    • Every time I see the durian chips, I think of you, and then get suspicious and pass. I’ll try them soon, though I promise!

      I usually don’t eat the chips with beer, but I should try. It could make everything more enjoyable!

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