Challenge: Phitsanulok

First of all, this is how you (kind of) say Phitsanulok: peet-sah-new-r/loke

Second of all, this is where Phitsanulok is in Thailand:

Phitsanulok is the B there on the map. As my internet friend Paul Garrigan said, Phitsanulok is all about a slow burn and not so much about the love-at-first-sight thing, but at the end of my time there, I was really sad to go. I’ll be honest, I probably would have never gone to Phitsanulok by myself, but I’m really glad I did get a chance to visit. It reminded me of my hometown back in Missouri in that it’s just a nice, cute, quiet town where not a lot of tourists visit, and people just live their lives.


Wat Something or Other. Easier to remember: Wat Yai! (Big Temple)

Yes, Mother, my hair is very grey.

Phitsanulok has a lot of stuff set up next to the river. Cafes, bars, restaurants, wats, that kind of thing. They also have a really nice walking/jogging path that people actually use.

P-lok at night. That's a nickname I just came up with for the town, but I really think their marketing/tourism agents should think about it. Or maybe even P-ROCK. Dang, that's good. I need to change my job!

One day the cops were just pulling over every single person on a motorcycle and checking registration and license. They waved Jason right on through without stopping him. Sometimes it pays to be a foreigner.

Ok. OKAY. Phitsanulok has the BEST MANGO STICKY RICE EVER. Even given my tendency to exaggerate, I am actually not exaggerating in the least bit. It's transcendent.

They also have several floating restaurants and bars. The food was pretty good, and it was really fun to sit and watch the river go by.

My guidebook tells me these are called sahm-lor, and they are adorable! You just want to put them in your pocket and play with them when you have some free time.

This is what one of the main drags looks like.

This one is for my mom, who I know will be fascinated by the fact that banana trees grow on the side of the road here.

This is behind the place we were staying, out near the airport. Lots of open space. Nice change from BKK.

There were a lot of hotels around town, and apparently you can get around by public transportation. We were lucky enough to be able to borrow a motorcycle and scooted around on that. The town is easy enough to negotiate with little trouble. In any case, I actually really recommend visiting P-ROCK if you have some extra time. It’s about 6 hours from BKK, and I think about that far from Chiang Mai (or about 32 hours from Kansas City–you can do it, guys!).

Final Score:

Phitsanulok: 0  Megan: 1

Because why not?


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12 responses to “Challenge: Phitsanulok

  1. Hi Megan, I remember the first time I visited Phitsanulok thinking that it was a right S***hole; I couldn’t wait to leave. I just went there the first time because I got bored on the train to Chiang Mai and getting off in a strange city seemed a bit adventurous. A few months later I met my wife and it turns out that she is a Phitsanulokian ( I think I made that word up) . We ended up living in the province for five years, and I grew to really like it.

  2. P-Rock needs to be a classic rock radio station!

  3. They should get Diddy to promote P-Lok, he’ll promote nowadays.

  4. Jess

    Beautiful photos! Yay for adventures!!

  5. Looks like a lot of fun! New life goal: try mango sticky rice.

  6. First time visitor to your blog. A very nice report and pictures. I’ve kept Phitsanulok in my list of Thai places to visit so this comes at a great time since I’ll be heading northward next month.

    By the way, I caught the link to your blog at Richard’s What a great resource for Thai bloggers.

    • Hey, thanks! Been a lurker on yours for awhile. :)

      Phitsanulok is really great. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you the names of any of the great places I ate at…that’s really sad, because there were some really amazing places!

      Yeah, is a great resource, for sure!

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