WTF? (What THE?! Fridays) Part 14

Hopefully continuing collection of pictures of things that make me scratch my head, chuckle, or just generally go–HUH?

Because everybody else has a Wordless Wednesday or TMI Tuesday, or whatever, and I want one, too!

It’s a New Year’s edition of What The Fridays, and obviously the last post of 2010!

Japanese belly-button cleaning kit from the 50-60-70 baht store. I mean, I usually just use some soap when I'm in the shower, but I'm glad to know my options are open!

I quite like this statue. Does anybody know the story? There were a lot of offerings at the temple. I think it was on Sukhumvit somewhere near Asok.

I'd like to introduce you to Teerapong Michelin. He grew up outside of Phitsanulok and his favorite food is som tam. He's very pleased to meet you! Would you like to buy some tires?

Happy New Year, folks! A year ago, I was in Denver celebrating the upcoming year with my sister. There was a lot of ice and snow on the ground and I was freezing. I was a public school teacher in Maryland and not very excited about the prospect of going back to school in January.

Now, a year later, I’m in Bangkok, in my shorts (okay, FINE, I’m sitting around in my underwear, but only because that’s what I do on my days off). The only ice around is in my freezer, and I’m no longer a public school teacher. As a matter of fact, I had a dream last night about how much I didn’t want to be a public school teacher. I think that tells me I made the right decision…




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23 responses to “WTF? (What THE?! Fridays) Part 14

  1. Three cheers for leaving public education! The straw that broke my camel’s back was a year in a high school in Baytown, Texas, just beyond the stink zone (refineries) east of Houston. On my reverse commute to the blue collar burb I used to see how fast and far I could go through the zone while holding my breath. Like hot lava monster for adults. Thanks for posting on my blog and thus forcing me to venture out into the interwebs and see your funny blog. Back in the BKK after January 16. I may bring Krispy Kreme with me for sale on the black market. Let’s meet up. After I clean my navel.

    • Yes, I don’t meet up with anybody who doesn’t have Krispy Kremes and a clean navel. That’s just how I roll.

      Honestly, my dream was a teacher’s nightmare, where it was the first day of school and I had absolutely nothing prepared. Besides panic, I just remember feeling dread at going back into the classroom. I woke up absolutely sure I’d made the right decision. *Whew!*

  2. I know someone who’ll be totally freaked out by that navel cleaner. I must send her a copy!

    The statue? Isn’t she at the bottom of soi 23 by California Wow? But no, I don’t know the story, sorry.

    Happy New Year!

  3. Eric

    I think that statue is the Hindu god Shiva, you can probably do a google search to get more info :)

  4. I thought everyone owned a navel cleaner…don’t they?

    Happy New Year Megan!

  5. Happy New Year Megan! Don’t you just love the waiing Michelin man? He’s right up there with the waiing Ronald McD.

  6. yeah, i think that’s shiva and i had no idea about the belly button cleaner! where do you find these things? could you pick me up one :D

    seriously. what kind of cleaner is it, i wonder?

    • I keep my eye out for crazy things. Jason spotted this one, and I was like TAKE A PHOTO! As far as I could tell, it was some Q-Tips and…I didn’t look that closely.

  7. happy new years!

    that japanese belly button cleaning kit is so funny, oh trust the japs to come up with random stuff!!

  8. Hi Megan!

    That statue is of “Ardhanarishvara” (meaning half-male, half-female lord). It depicts Shiva in his male and female form. As you may know, most (if not all) Hindu gods can transform themselves to the other gender (talk about fluidity of sexes!)

    But the navel cleaner is a bigger intrigue! LOL

    • I don’t know a lot about Hinduism, but I did look up Shiva the other day on Wikipedia and found out that he can switch forms.

      Yeah, the navel cleaner is kind of cool, huh? :)

  9. Happy New Year Meagan, I shouldn’t do it because Buddha will have at me but….the statue is the god/goddess of the transgendered…if you don’t hear from me in a while you’ll know why.

  10. Ettegoom

    Happy new year. I just met your blog and love it.

    I am a Public school teacher in NZ and am dreading going back… maybe I should take a page out of your book and chuck it all in! I love you WTF Fridays! :-)

    • Thanks for the nice words! Honestly, I was just thinking today about how happy I am not to be a teacher right now. Maybe someday I’ll go back to it…but I’m so happy to be away from it for now.

  11. Prakrithy

    Ardhanareeshwar – a combination of Shiva and Shakti(Parvati) – is not about the fluidity of gender.
    Folklore has it that…
    “Sage Bhringi was a great devotee of Shiva but he refused to accept Mata Parvati as a Goddess. He never offered prayers to Mata Parvati and this infuriated her as she was the Shakti – the female energy. The sage performed circumambulation of Shiva daily but ignored Parvati.
    Despite Her protests, Sage Bhringi continued to worship only Shiva. To teach the arrogant Sage a lesson, she abandoned him. The Sage had not realized that Goddess Parvati is also Annapurna – the one who nourishes all living beings.
    The sage deprived of Parvati’s support became weak and thin. Soon he could not even stand.
    The benign Shiva could not abandon his ardent devotee, so he gave the sage a third leg like a walking stick. Sage Bhringi used this additional leg to circumambulate Shiva and still ignored Mata Parvati.
    Then Shiva and Parvati appeared in the form of Ardhanarishvara to provide realization to Bhringi. The sage realized that although Shiva and Parvati appear as two different bodies but they are in essence one – the source of all creation, sustenance and dissolution.”

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