I’m in the sticks!

You could also call it the boonies. Whatever, I am way the hell out in the middle of nowhere and my access to the internet is seriously limited by…well, by limited internet access and by limited time. I’m being forced–FORCED, I say!–to have huge dinners every night with tons of delicious food, go to parties, sing karaoke, and spend time with really nice people. It’s the pits.

Actually, it’s pretty awesome.

In the meantime, here’s a guest post I did for Pam’s Spunkygirl Monolgues. I’m just making it a plain ol’ link so my mother will be able to click on it without trying to figure out anything more complicated: http://bit.ly/i2DXVn It’s about dealing with people laughing at you in Thailand, because what’s up with that?

I was going to include a photo of the beach to make you jealous, but I don’t have time because I am being shuttled out to a hot springs right now. So just imagine me on a a beach with fine, whitish sand and clear blue water. Are you jealous?

You should be!




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14 responses to “I’m in the sticks!

  1. Megan, that’s a hilarious post! You really have a way of describing how I feel, only better.

  2. I hate when people force me to sing karaoke (and by “hate” I mean “secretly wish people would do it every night.”)

  3. As always another great post…my heart goes out for you, knowing that you are forced in taking part in all those “horrible” activities…if I could, I would sacrifice myself for you…I really would….btw, it’s good to put up a little resistance, that way people won’t think you are always going along with their wishes ;) so fight, Fight, FIGHT IT!!!!…and yes, I am jealous of you lounging on a white beach, hence the mission of this post is accomplished :D
    Can’t wait for the next post of yours! :o)

  4. where is this mysterious location? and why are you there? inquiring minds want to know!


  5. “Sometimes I have to remind myself that it’s the Thai way to laugh when you’re uncomfortable, too.”…how true Megan. And it’s not just Thais that find themselves having a nervous giggle. I have a cousin that laughs when she is under emotional stress…didn’t go down so well at my grandmother’s funeral.

    • Oh, ouch. Yeah, it’s definitely not just Thais, but I think it’s harder for me when I’m not entirely sure why they’re laughing. Language barriers, cultural barriers, that kind of thing.

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