Update: Eating ALL the Chips: Part 4

This should actually be called Megan vs. Real Life, as I can’t seem to catch up recently. Before I had to travel for work, I was always like, Wow, traveling for work sounds awesome!  Now I’m like, I understand why people aren’t always thrilled about it–it’s exhausting being away from home so much, eating out all the time, and living out of a suitcase, all while being required to do your job 100%.

Life is hard, people.

If you’re traveling for vacation, it’s fun! You can take naps whenever you want them (ALWAYS if you’re me, which I am, luckily) and not have to put all of your energy into other people.

I know. Poor me. I get to see parts of Thailand I wouldn’t otherwise see, I get to meet awesome people I wouldn’t otherwise meet, and I get to eat tons and tons of food I wouldn’t otherwise get to eat.

I would like some cheese with my whine, please!

Seriously, some cheese would be great over here. Preferably a nice creamy blue. Colston Bassett Stilton, to be specific. And then some stuff from Cowgirl Creamery in Washington, D.C.

Neal's Yard Dairy in London. If heaven is really that you can choose whatever you want it to be, like that really stupid book "The Lovely Bones" said, then THIS IS WHAT I WANT MY HEAVEN TO BE. Thank you.

Point is, I don’t have many words in me right now. But here are some pictures of chips!

You can click the links to see Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 of my ongoing attempt to Eat ALL the Chips in Thailand. Or the world, really, as I have also expanded to international potato chips!

Corn triangles. I bought them because the shape reminded me of Bugles. Do they still make those? Anyway, like many Thai snacks, they were slightly sweet, which kind of freaked me out. Wouldn't buy again.

Pringles Street Food! Bankgok Grilled Chicken Wing. Cool idea for a line of chips, actually, and these were decent. I bought them in Phuket, but I think you can find them anywhere in Thailand.

Pringles Street Food--Indonesian Satay. Tasted pretty much exactly like the BKK Grilled Chicken Wings. The flavor wasn't too strong--sometimes these fake meat chips have a lingering taste that's disgusting, but neither of these had that problem.

My friend Aaron brought me these from Australia. They are amazing. Thick cut, super crunchy with lots of folds (the BEST PART), and a tangy, deep umami, salty flavor. I am trying to ration them, but he did bring me two bags so probably I could just eat the entire bag in one sitting if I felt like it.

Aaron has a website where he reviews fancy-schmancy expensive hotels that I can only pretend I could stay at.

Kob Kob French Salad Flavour. Gross. Soggy, stale, ridge-cut with unidentified flavor. Not buying these puppies again.

Utz Cheddar and Sour Cream potato chips. Sent by my sister in December for a Christmas present. Again, trying to ration, but I *do* still have two family-size bags left...

Just as a side note, my internet friend Mary Ann sent me a link to a Huffington Post article about different potato chip flavors around the world. I’m not even going to include the link because:

a) I am being a big baby.

b) Most of the flavors weren’t very interesting, anyway.


d) I am being a big baby.

That is all.



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30 responses to “Update: Eating ALL the Chips: Part 4

  1. Those cheddar and sour cream chips sound soooooo good right now!

  2. carrie

    Points for using umami in a post.

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  4. You know, the buffet dinner at the Millennium Hilton includes access to a refrigerated cheese room which has even more selection than the picture above. It costs about $50 though, so it’s only for a special treat. But I got my $50 worth – my circulatory system was pumping Limburger by the end of the night.

  5. You know what’s awesome about Shanghai? As compared to everywhere else I’ve ever lived? You can not only get every kind of Asian food BUT ALSO real cheese AND good chocolate AND good coffee AND… and whatever! It’s all here! Do I want salt and vinegar chips today? Sure! Do I want some lovely vintage cheddar? Ok! Do I want Hunan garlic shoots sauteed in smokey crispy bacon? Sure!

    Do they have any spicy fish soup chips in Thailand? The Chinese one tastes a bit like tom yam goong. It’s surprisingly excellent.

    • You know, we can get pretty much anything we want in BKK, too–but for a price, especially for things like real cheese, good chocolate, and good coffee. And the street food here is SO amazing, obviously. I just like to whine.

      No, they don’t have spicy fish soup chips in Thailand! I had a bad experience with hot chili squid chips, so I’m hesitant to try any of those flavors, but I would trust you…

  6. PS You are so much better than the HuffPo! They don’t pay their writers anyway so be thankful you aren’t being exploited for their own gain!

  7. Red Rock Deli has tasty Honey Soy Chicken chips! I much prefer sweet to savory but a friend introduced me and I was sold. See if you can get a bag of those!

  8. The Red Rock Deli crisps do sound tempting, I’m not so sure about the rest. My favourite crisps are Tayto but you can only get them in Ireland; we rule at anything connected with potatoes :-)

  9. Thanks for the mention. This is your BEST POST EVER!!!!

    I have some good news and some bad news for you.

    The good news is I’m going back to Bangkok then through to Australia again in March, so I could pick up some more bags.

    The bad news is, on the way back, we fly straight through to Japan with only 2 hours at Bangkok, and as it’s a connecting flight I don’t think we can even come out of the transfer gate.

    Maybe if you stood by the wall outside we could chuck some bags over……

  10. “I would like some cheese with my whine”

    Me too. Me too. And while you can get cheese out here it’s expensive and the selection is poor.

    Have you had the Thai chili chips yet? Those are megga fine.

  11. No but I’ll look the next time I’m in a 7-11. On road trips (before I got healthy) we’d stop and buy a bag of those. And when I arrive in the UK, they are the first thing I get on the stop down the highway to home. Spicy but sweet – Thai for sure.

  12. Jay

    Still got your chips at my place. Let’s meet up – I want a shout out on EACP Part 5.

  13. *note to self to not read Megan’s chip challenge when on a “diet”. hmmm. chips. must go find chips. . .okay settled. leaving apt now. . .

  14. F.M.

    I like how you eat all the salt and vinegar chips by yourself… but still won’t let us drink the bottle of champagne that you’ve had in our fridge for *six months*!!!

  15. Hi, big baby, lovely to have happened upon your blog. Now listen to the damage you have done: I never, ever eat chips, crisps or what have you. Now, all I want to do is try one of those sour cream things and it’s all your fault if my arteries get seriously clogged.

  16. megan, you are a kindred spirit… I am working my way through every chip available in SEA. my current faces are lays nori flavor. But I am fickle & I am sure i will have a new love interest in no time.
    love the blog,

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