Ode to 7-Eleven

There was a 7-Eleven next to my Metro stop in Washington, D.C./Maryland, and I used to stop in every now and then for gum, cash, bottles of water and occasional bags of late-night Doritos. That’s it. It’s 100% safe to say that I never ate a meal from there.

My ex-boyfriend routinely ate from 7-Elevens across the D.C. Metro region. Routinely. He got a lot of ribbing for this, including from me. I mean, hello, eating your meals from 7-Eleven? Who does that?!

Well, look what I have become, people.

Shut up.

I stop in for snacks, ice cream, water, milk, yogurt, and steamed buns. I have bought toiletries there, including a toothbrush. I pay for bills there, I buy phone credit there, I buy liquor there. 7-Elevens in Thailand (and Japan, for that matter) totally rock my world.

But it doesn’t stop there.

Oh, no.

I routinely eat meals from 7-Eleven in Thailand. ROUTINELY.

Fun fact from Wikipedia: Thailand has the 3rd largest number of 7-Elevens in the world. Japan is 1st and the U.S. is 2nd.

So here is my photo ode to 7-Elevens, because I would not survive here without them.

You can sing the following song while you look at the pictures.

(To the tune of “Rubber Ducky” by Ernie from Sesame Street)

7-Eleven, you’re the one.

You make snack-time lots of fun.

7-Eleven, I’m awfully fond of you…doodoodeedoo.

So, take a look at the collage above (yes, I just found out about the collage feature on Picassa and I’m using it like crazy). Those are the 7-Elevens within a 2.1 km (1.3 m) circuit around my apartment. That’s 12 7-Elevens, people. That’s a LOT of snacks.

I didn’t know I wasn’t supposed to take photos in 7-Elevens, so I got some shots of stuff before I was shut down.







By the way, I am not being paid for this endorsement, but hey, 7-Eleven Corporation! Don’t sue me for this blog post. Just think: I’m cute—you could totally use me as a spokesperson!

I just require that you put me in a commercial with Ananda Everingham.

Ananda, seriously, call me! Imagine how cute our children would be!*

*Photo from Wikipedia…



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36 responses to “Ode to 7-Eleven

  1. humanitarikim

    The best food item from 7-11 are their nachos. Terrible for me? Maybe. Delicious, gooey, cheesy goodness? Yes!

  2. jayjcee

    Ah, you make travelling seem just like going to the corner store at home ;)
    The only thing I’ve bought at 7-11 is stamps and phone credits, maybe I’m missing??

  3. Kelsi

    haha! i can plan out a 7/11 meal before stepping into the store. and i notice when they stop carrying items. i was not happy when honey coated almonds were no longer available. put they started carrying pears!

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  5. I completely agree! Japanese konbinis are the best! And 7-11 is the creme of the crop. Talk about entire meals. I lived off of their food for the first month I was in the country.
    Later, after I discovered the plethora of Japanese Kit Kat flavors, I had to check out 7-11’s all over the city, and country, for exciting new flavors.

  6. tom

    it’s a great place to pay your bills in thailand

  7. It’s funny, isn’t it? 7-11 in the States is like lo-so, ghetto, and trashy but here, it’s totally respectable and I dare say almost coveted place to be. Air con!!!

    We like to joke about the different kinds of 7s here. Like the one next to me always has dirty floors and plays loud HEAVY METAL. Or we discuss which one has what item, etc. They appear the same but they each have their own character and quality.

    Ode to 7 indeed. *raises Oishi bottle*

  8. I would have thought Thailand had the market cornered on 7/11’s. In less than 5 months I have had not 1 but 2 built on my street. One two blocks up from me and one two blocks down from me.

    Like you I have definitely eaten some meals there like the toasted sandwiches and my Thai friends like the packaged hot dogs in hot sauce.

    • Well, according to Wikipedia, the company is opening 400-500 new stores in Thailand in 2011, so that could explain it. Those numbers still don’t even come close to Japan (12,000+) or the US (8,000+).

      The frozen crab fried rice is really good!

  9. Aaron

    It’s a familiarity thing, that you can go anywhere in the world, with the exception of India, and find a 7-11. Actually, I almost never eat there, 7-11 is more for drinks. On road trips and traveling in foreign countries…. Just saying…In my defense….

  10. Japan outnumbers the US in terms of 7-Elevens?! That was a surprise!!

    I *rarely* (3-5 times a year) eat a fast food restaurant and never thought I would in Oz but I’ve been going to Macca’s (McDonald’s) for free wifi and find myself getting a seared chicken wrap O:-) Never say never because that when it comes to pass!

    Cheers to you and your rogue photos. Dare you try again?!

    • Yeaaaaaaah, I ate at McDonald’s for the first time since 2002 on Friday morning. I just got french fries, and they were delicious, but I still feel dirty. But you’re right–never say never!

      Hmmm…I might try to take some photos in another 7. That was my home base and I would feel bad if they had to something to me to twice!

    • 7-11 is actually a Japanese company (they were bought by a Japanese corp from the American corp that started 7-11s about 20 years ago. Dumbest mistake THAT American company ever made, LOL)

  11. I absolutely love 7-11! I am constantly amazed that I can pay all of my bills, buy a Coke and top-up my phone card all in one place. I am lucky enough to live next to both a 7-11 and a Tesco Lotus Express, so I never need to go very far when I run out of the essentials like chips and beer!

  12. Actually in Jakarta – Indonesia, there is a phenomena where 7-11 is a cool place to hang out. Like it’s so IN! Businessmen, high school kids, college kids, business women, hip mob, everyone is hanging out at 7-11s. Why? Besides of the hotdog and slurpy? God knows!

  13. Mike Bob

    Fabulous writeup, I say so because while living in Thailand I hit 7-11 every day of the week for quick snacks and about 3 nights a week for legit meal pickups, including a big jug of milk, bread, soft drinks. In my opinion 7-11s and Tescos/BigCs largely make Thailand what it is. I am copying every one of your pictures above.

  14. So, I just found your site because you Twitter-followed me, which is AWESOME because now I’ve found your blog . . . and I’m loving it. I wanted to write a comment to every single one of the posts on your front page (especially about the ridiculousness that is Bangkok taxis) but I figured that would be stalkerish. So, anyhow, I will write about 7-11s because, here’s the thing, my uncle owns a 7-11 in the U.S. (I know . . . how stereotypical . . . an Indian guy owning a 7-11). Anyhow, he was saying that apparently Thailand has the fastest growing concentration of 7-11s in the world which does not in the least surprise me considering how many there are in Bangkok alone. 7-11 isn’t doing all that well in the U.S. and they’re shutting down a lot of them but I think it’s still doing really well in Japan (heck, we went to 7-11 every single day in Japan). I say, thank goodness that there are so many 7-11s in Thailand because on certain days, when the humidity was simply unbearable, we would hop from 7-11 to 7-11 for the free air conditioning. Nintendo could seriously make a game based on this concept: Frogger but with 7-11s.

    • That’s okay–I like stalkers! :)

      I read on Wikipedia the same thing about 7-11s in Thailand. I don’t know why they’re so particularly popular in BKK; not sure what it is that makes them able to sustain so many in such a small space…

      And, YES, the air conditioning is a godsend. I would buy the game if Nintendo made it (and if I had a Nintendo). Nintendo, are you listening?!

  15. LOL. I swear, I buy 75% of my food, toiletries and everything else now at my local 7-11 in Bangkok. There are THREE of them within a block and another even bigger one opening next week. They have everything I would normally buy at Big C and, in many cases, they’re cheaper.

    I’m with you, I loooooove 7-11s in Thailand, and I’d guess in the ten years I’ve lived here, I’ve probably spent at least $15,000 at them. They must LOVE me, LOL.

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