The Illustrated Guide to a Thai Music Video: Part 2

A few months ago, I wrote about a Thai music video I saw played over and over again, in which this lady (Lady) is in a relationship with her creepy boyfriend (Creepy Boyfriend), but her neighbor (Neighbor) is in love with her. Turns out Creepy Boyfriend is actually Creepy Married Guy (but I’m keeping the name Creepy Boyfriend because I wrote it in Sharpie on my drawings) and Lady tried to commit suicide, Creepy Boyfriend tried to rape her after she got home from the hospital, and Neighbor saves her and you think at the end that Neighbor and Lady are going to live happily ever after forever, thank god. I mean, it was like a train wreck, and you just couldn’t look away.

WELL! The story does not stop there, people. I was shocked, horrified, and absolutely delighted to learn that the Saga of Crazy continues!

The story unfolds thusly:

Lady is with Neighbor and gets a phone call, which is clearly from Creepy (Ex-) Boyfriend, and ends up throwing the phone on the floor.  It shatters dramatically! She falls on the floor, sobbing. DRAMAZ!

crazy lady

Neighbor picks her up off the floor and takes her on his motorcycle to a bridge. Lady has a heart-shaped locket with Creepy Boyfriend’s picture in it, and she throws it into the water.  DRAMAZ! That is a theme in this video, in case you hadn’t noticed.

Neighbor and Lady hug and Neighbor whispers nice things to her.

(Side story: There was a guy who had a crush on me for years in middle and high school and one day in our freshman year he came up to me and whispered in my ear, “Sweet nothings, sweet nothings.” Yeah, nothing ever worked out between us, although I still feel guilty because I was pretty awful to him…and let me tell you, it wasn’t like the boys were falling all over themselves to get me, ya’ know what I mean? Then one of my friends went out with him and they used to make out in the hallway in front of their lockers and I was like, ew. Judging from his Facebook page, he is now married to a woman named Megan, has a kid , and plays in a church band.)

Neighbor and Lady get back on the motorcycle and Lady falls asleep. This is either a blatant rip-off of the Thai movie Hello Stranger, or maybe the song was part of the movie soundtrack, I don’t know. Check out minute 1:39 of the Hello Stranger trailer and you’ll see what I mean.

Neighbor and Lady get to a restaurant and Creepy Boyfriend is lurking around the background, positioned so Neighbor can see him, but not Lady. Of course. I just have one question about this whole scene: Say what, now?

So, Neighbor hitches up his pants (not really), looks angry, and goes to talk to Creepy Boyfriend, and of course when he turns around CREEPY BOYFRIEND IS AT THE TABLE and saying something that Lady likes—I can only presume it’s that he loves her, he’s left his wife, that kind of thing. Whatever it is, she buys it. SIGH.

Anyway, Lady OF COURSE goes off with Creepy Boyfriend in his very nice car, and he looks very smug and you just want to punch him in the face. I understand that violence is never the answer to violence…unless it is.

Neighbor takes off on his motorcycle and you think maybe he’s just going away, but NO! He is also totally into the DRAMAZ!

He drives in front of the car to cut it off and sits there until Lady suddenly remembers how great Neighbor is compared to her cheating, creepy, abusive, attempted-rapist (ex) boyfriend, and gets out of the car. She hugs Neighbor and it is clearly looooooove. Or something. I’m not a therapist; I’m not qualified to really put a name on this kind of crazy.

So, by this point you’re thinking—hooray, now the video is finished! But you would be thinking the wrong thing. Neighbor goes back and says something to Creepy Boyfriend, which is clearly cutting and horribly mean. Unfortunately, Neighbor has on the dorkiest helmet you’ve ever seen in your life, so instead of being like: Yeah, Neighbor, you tell him! It’s more like: Oooooohhhh…that is…really dorky.

Anyway, at the end, Neighbor and Lady ride off together and Creepy Boyfriend looks super pissed off.




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23 responses to “The Illustrated Guide to a Thai Music Video: Part 2

  1. I think DRAMAZ! sums up most Thai TV, movies, videos and music. Actually, it sums up most of Thailand, especially the politics. Don’t you think most Nation headlines could be replaced by a big “DRAMAZ!” and then whatever picture they have?

  2. Fariha

    Cute drawings! And we need to go out so that you don’t sit around watching more of these videos and making more drawings, endearing as the latter may be!

    • Thanks! I made the drawings a long time ago…just added some stuff.

      But, yeah, we need to go out again soon. Or just hang out in general.

    • I concur. Although I enjoy Megan’s artistic and linguistically unique blog posts (I checked, Megan, DRAMAZ isn’t a word), I fear that a woman of her intelligence, beauty, grace and badassness is watching entirely too much Thai TV. To the go-out-and-do-more-stuff-preferably-with-Greg-and-Fariha mobile!

  3. Jess

    I think American videos should catch on to the use of motorcycles to signal dramatic relationships. I see how it all works now. LOVE THE DRAWRINGS!

  4. Wait. You mean, someone actually came up to you and whispered “sweet nothings” into your ear and you didn’t go out with him? You have a heart of ice, lady! I think I may need to steal that story.

  5. bestluggagescales

    ahahah nicely done! you are a true artist :)

  6. “violence is never the answer to violence…unless it is.”

    oddly, i think a little bit of wee came out when i laughed at that line. Mental note has been written to get some adult diapers to wear before reading posts.

    In other news, DRAMAZ is now in my everyday dialogue, possibly added with the prefix “TEH”. So thanks for letting me steal it, and by that i mean, “suckar!”


    • Seriously, sometimes the only way to deal with something is to punch somebody in the face. Not that I would know, actually. Never been in a fight (I would run screaming the other way, guaranteed).

      DRAMAZ! Wish I could take credit for it, but I saw it on STFU Couples, I think. Or STFU Parents, one or the other. Both hilarious, though.

      • Ive been in a couple of scraps and youre right, sometimes people react better to a clip to the head. It stops people dead in their tracks and they dont ever question you again.


  7. that was the best post – practically laughing non stop. bitch, pleaaseee.

  8. I love these. This is brilliant. Though I’m reeeal curious to watch the actual music video now. :D

  9. Marlee

    I’m so sad we didn’t watch any TV while I was there.

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