Eating ALL the Chips: Part 5

For this session of Eating ALL the Chips, I enlisted some help because I had some seriously scary chips to try and I didn’t think I could do it on my own. I’m a wimp, what can I say?

For the first chip-tasting session, I brought along two bags when I visited the Bangkok Podcast guys with my sister and brother-in-law.

The first kind we tried was Black Pepper Crab. I didn’t get a picture of them and I couldn’t find them at the store after, of course, so you just have to imagine a picture of a crab on the front of a bag of chips. They were kind of okay. I don’t think I’d go out of my way to buy them, but I wouldn’t avoid them, either.

The second kind was Lay’s grilled squid and dipping sauce. I was really nervous about these because of a scarring incident a few months ago with hot chili squid oil chips (I don’t know what I was thinking, either!). I opened the bag of the grilled squid chips and hesitantly took a sniff. They smelled like grilled squid, which means they smelled like dirty gym socks, and I started to whimper. Luckily, we all agreed that they tasted better than they smelled. Whew! Crises averted!

For the second adventure, I held a Potato Chip Degustation. Get your tickets for the next one, folks, they go early!

Actually, I had to bribe my friends with the promise of burritos and a movie in exchange for what promised to be some truly terrible potato chip eating.

Our tasting crew:

Guy and Josh. So innocent.

We're excited about one and not so much about the other.

Brock, on the right up there, has a blog, too, and is hilarious. You should also pay him money to show you around Thailand, because he’s really good at knowing things. Seriously.

Fearless leader for the evening (it was MY apartment and MY potato chips) and burrito maker extraordinaire. (Photo by Brock)

Puffin likes potato chips, too! (Photo by Brock)

We had four kinds of chips to try. In order from best to worst, here they are…

Number 1:

My friend Jay brought me these all the way from the Great Land of Canadia. Did you know they speak English there in some parts? It’s true!


Old Dutch Salt and Vinegar

My notes for the Salt ‘n Vinegar chips are just a smiley face. :) I believe that means we liked them!

Number 2:


Old Dutch Ketchup

Before I tell you what we thought of these, here is a picture of me smelling them first:

Ketchup chips do not smell good. (Photo by Brock)

Jay also brought these from the Great Land of Canadia. Did you know they have their own money in Canada? I KNOW! I was shocked, too!

So, the ketchup chips don’t smell so good and they are bright red, and we all got a little nervous. I’d had ketchup chips before and had liked them, but seriously, the smell this time? Total grossness.

In the end, we all liked them a lot, but Brock realized they tasted a lot like bread and butter pickles, which I hate, but some people love. In any case, I liked the ketchup chips.

Number 3:

Calbee Okonomiyaki

Okonomiyaki is a delicious Japanese food–and Japan happens to be where I met Brock and Josh, lo these many years (lo, almost 8 years, as a matter of fact). The chips tasted mostly of nori (seaweed) and the brown sauce they put on top of the okonomiyaki.

Now, who can tell me where to get some Osaka-style okonomiyaki in Bangkok? Internetverse, get busy!

Number 4:

Calbee Mocha Cocoa

My friend Aaron, who runs a website where he reviews super fancy schmancy hotels in Thailand, brought me some fabulous salt and vinegar chips from Australia the last time he came through Bangkok. This time he brought me mocha cocoa chips from Japan.

You’ve read that right.

When Aaron sent me an email asking if I wanted these chips, of course I said yes.

“They sound disgusting,” he warned.

“I know!” I replied, insulted. “They sound truly horrible, but I’m a professional, Aaron, and I don’t shy away from something just because it sounds like it might be bad.”

Well. I’m sorry about that now. And you know what? I’m not even a professional. I don’t get paid to do this crap. I just do it because I’m a Lady of Leisure Who Lunches and I have nothing better to do with my time.

And now, without further ado, the result of the tasting:

Brock is pretty sure his life has been ruined by these chips.

Trying not to spit them back up. I was successful! (Photo by Brock)

We all agreed that these just tasted like burnt. Burnt what? Just burnt. The bag advertises that they are bitter and sweet, but trust us, they were just bitter.

I thought they were better than the blueberry and hazelnut Pringles, but Brock disagreed. He thought the mocha cocoa chips were much worse. We agreed to disagree, which we have to do a lot or else we would never get through a conversation (we both have a LOT of opinions).

Puffin’s Degustation

Brock and Josh’s puppy, 6-month-old Puffin, also took part in her own degustation.

Puffin likes potato chips! (Photo by Brock)

Puffin's seal of approval for the ketchup chips! (Photo by Brock)

p.s. The burritos were delicious and we watched Sixteen Candles. I can still recite a lot of the movie, and the final scene were Sam (Molly Ringwald) gets together with Jake (That One Actor Guy) still made me feel all squishy inside. The date rape and the racism made me feel not so squishy, however.



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24 responses to “Eating ALL the Chips: Part 5

  1. Yea!! Chip tasting with pictures! I felt like I was there, but not, at the same time. And Sixteen Candles! HOoooraayyyy. Megan is much much cooler than I ever imagined! Breakfast Club must be next :D My all-time favorite. Cheers!

    • I can’t remember what we decided our next one was going to be. “Stand by Me” was in the running since I was the only one in the group who had seen it. I mean, REALLY!

  2. Amanda

    “That one actor guy” actually came up in conversation a few weeks ago with my friends and me! We tracked him down – lives in northeastern Pennsylvania, making wood furniture. We have major plans for a day trip to see if we can meet him!

    PS. Found your blog via Bloggies. I spent a week in Thailand in 2004 when I was studying abroad in Hong Kong. To this day, still the best solo vacation I’ve _ever_ taken! :)

    • Wow, he makes wood furniture! That’s kind of cool…

      Thailand is great–and it’s a great place to travel solo. I’m glad you found me on the internets! :)

      • Marlee

        Josh and Brock did grow up in the US, right? I can’t believe they haven’t seen SBM!! That’s just crazy. One of the best quotes of the movie: “Sick balls, Chopper!”

        • Yeah, they had never seen Labyrinth or Dirty Dancing, either, and Josh doesn’t like root beer. I don’t think they’re really Americans.

          I don’t remember that quote!

  3. shuttupjerk

    SO.. you like australian chips, eh? I now have a bargaining tool!

    But seriously, Mocha Cocoa kinda makes me want to stab my eyes out just by looking at them. And i really love my eyes, what with the “seeing” and all that.

    Your next movie should either be Pretty in Pink, Stand by Me, Fletch, Better Off Dead, Say Anything or Cant Buy Me Love.

    Yes, im obsessed with the 80s.


  4. There is a video -directors cut version- available of one of the most famous chips eating events in Thailand:
    Got to love freshly fried and hand carved chips with salt and spices to

  5. Jess

    When I was in junior high (yes, I am old), my best friend and I called each other “Gordie” and “Chris” as code names in our notes to each other. I vote for that one.
    I loved the facial expressions in this post. You are good!
    Want me to send you San Francisco chips? They will likely be healthy, highly perishable, and made with teh organicks, but let me know :)

    • Ha! Wow, well when you describe SF chips so…beautifully…how could I not want some healthy, highly perishable, organickally (I know that’s not a word, people, and it’s a misspelled made up word) made chips?

  6. Monica

    Ugh..yes there are some interesting combinations…just the other day I took some pictures of some – and I just discovered that I can’t add them on here, BUT:
    Shrimp flavored banana chips, Pizza flavored banana chips, and this one just sounds wrong as well: Larb flavored banana chips… If you guys are up for trying those I can tell you where I saw them.

    • Ew! Banana chips flavored like that? Gross!

      But, yes, I need to know where to find them.

      • Monica

        I saw them at Carrefour in Nonthaburi – but they probably all carry them. In the aisle where the snacks are, one over from the main chip aisle….oh the adventures…

  7. Grosssss.

    But that puppy is adorable! Our dog loves to eat chips, too…. but I don’t know what he would think about all these strange flavors – he’s more of a “corn tortilla chip” kind of dog. :P

  8. I love this series so much because it reminds me of exactly what I’d be doing. Haha.

    When I went away on my own to the Highlands last year, I lived on different flavours of crisps (potato chips) the whole time. Love love love them. Heh. :D

    Brock’s face at the ‘burnt’ crisps made me laugh a lot. Hahaha!

    • I love them, too. Unfortunately, as my body has gotten older, I have a lower tolerance for them (you wouldn’t know it from this blog, but…).

      Yeah, his face is HILARIOUS! :)

  9. Pat

    It’s interesting that you try all these chips! :)

    Talking about Okonomiyaki, have u tried “Kizahashi” at Sukhumvit soi26, near K-Village? you can make your own okonomiyaki and the price isn’t bad at all.

    • Wow, sweet! I knew somebody out there would know where I could get good okonomiyaki. Thanks for the information!

      I love the name of your blog!

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