Challenge: Being a Lady of Leisure Who Lunches

Haha! Like this is a challenge.

I have to be honest: I love being unemployed (unemployed by choice). When I have the right job, I also love being employed, but right now I am relishing in my laze-about status. When I do work, I put a lot into it. If I’m going to do something, I’m going to do it well. So when I work, I work hard and I do good stuff; when I don’t work, I’m extra super lazy to make up for it.

Frankly, Bangkok is a good place to be unemployed because it’s so cheap and there are so many things to do in the city. I also loved not working during the summers in Maryland/Washington, DC because there’s so much to do around there. If I were unemployed in my hometown, I might be singing a different tune (it would be a country tune).

What I love about being a Lady of Leisure:

  • No alarm clock. I don’t usually sleep in too late. I consider 8 a.m. to be a reasonable wake-up time, but that’s a fair bit better than 6 a.m., which is what time I was waking up for my previous two jobs. The world just barely exists at 6 a.m., you know what I mean? The edges haven’t quite defined themselves and everything looks a little fuzzy and shiny. Plus, I really despise waking up to an alarm clock. There’s something jarring about it that sets my day off grumpily. (8 a.m., though—my inner teenager weeps at my inability to sleep in until noon.)
  • Walks. The weather in Bangkok has been beautiful for the past week or two, and it’s been cool enough to go for long walks in the afternoon. I’ve seen things I haven’t seen before in my own neighborhood, which is what makes living in such a big city so interesting. When I was working, I was too tired to explore. Not anymore!
  • Watching every single TV show ever in the history of the world. Not really, but let me just say—I have access to Hulu now, so I caught up on a bunch of shows and learned about a bunch of other ones that I now like. Then I moved on to Sons of Anarchy seasons 2 and 3, which I finished in 4 days. They’re 45 minutes each. That’s a lot of TV (which I watch on my computer), but you know what? I don’t care. I haven’t had cable in years and I still do a lot of stuff, so do not give me a lecture on television rotting your brain. I haz teh smartz; I can afford for my brain to rot a little.
  • Reading. Well, I would do a lot more reading if I weren’t catching up on every single TV show ever in the history of the world. But, again, don’t give me a lecture—I’ve already read over 30 books this year, so it’s not like I’m slacking off.
  • Ladies Who Lunch Time. I am going to start a group called Ladies Who Lunch. Men will be welcome, too. It will be very exclusive, in that the only criteria is that you have time to have lunch with me and sit around and talk about things like Kate Gosselin and Reese Witherspoon. I could also have a Ladies Who Drink Coffee Club, and the criteria for that would be you have time to have coffee with me. Seriously, I love meeting my friends for lunch and coffee during the day. It’s the best. Want me to come have lunch or coffee with you? Email me! I’m almost guaranteed to be free!
  • Staying up as late as I want. Yeah, I sound like I’m 5. When you have a job, you have to go sleep even when you’re not tired or you want to finish watching Sons of Anarchy to see what happens to Jax and also admire how pretty he is (really really really pretty). Now I can stay up as late as I want! Take THAT, grown-up-hood!  
  • Cooking. I don’t do a lot of cooking here in Bangkok because I’m more of a baker and I don’t have an oven, but I’ve been doing a lot more cooking since I have nothing better to do. Good times.  
  • Nap time. Hands down, this is the best part of not working. Every day between about 2 and 3, my eyelids start to get droopy and heavy and I fall onto the couch or bed in a dead sleep for about 30 minutes. I’m helpless. Sometimes I put the nap off until 4 or 5, but that’s a little late for me. Sometimes I take two naps, because why not? Sometimes I don’t take a nap at all, but that’s rare.

Now, as with everything, there are bad things about unemployment and they are:

  • Lack of money. I don’t really have a lack of money yet, since I’m a pretty good saver, but I’m obviously not bringing in a whole lot of cash while sitting on my couch and debating whether or not I should eat popcorn that I have in my apartment or go out to get some mangos (I’ll let you figure out which one usually wins). So I have to have a budget, which I sometimes stick to and sometimes don’t. Whatever.
  • Um…there must be something else bad…um…I haven’t reached bored or panicked state, which I expect to come soon and at the same time (“Oh my god, I’ve watched every TV show ever made and I’m SO bored…WAIT. I’M ALSO TOTALLY BROKE! What have I done?!”).  

In conclusion: Hooray for not working! For now.

Final Score

Being a Lady of Leisure: 0   Megan: INFINITY

Actually, I have to be honest here…I have some freelance editing stuff that is technically work, but as I’m doing it from home in my pajamas (seriously, I took a shower and got dressed at 5 p.m. yesterday just so I could say I did, in fact, get out of my pj’s) I feel like it still counts as Lady of Leisure activity instead of real-life activity. 




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30 responses to “Challenge: Being a Lady of Leisure Who Lunches

  1. You caught my attention at, “I have access to Hulu “…

  2. On a budget indeed!
    Didn’t I see you with some royalty last week at The Four Seasons?

  3. Fred Trellis

    “I have access to Hulu…”

    HOW? Error message on screen always tell me that it’s available only in the states…..

    Err…. I mean, good post! Entertaining. informative. Riveting. Funny. Even witty in places.

    Now, how do you get Hulu to work in BKK?

  4. Ah! You are truly living the “life of Riley” [I don’t know who Riley was, but (apparently) he lived a life much like your current situation]. Now, if you could add Netflix “streaming” to your Hulu, you’ll be a long time reentering the 9-to-5 workforce.
    As one of your many readers, I’m happy that you’re able to fit “blog writing” between lunches and napping…

    • I could add Netflix, but I’d have to pay for it, which I don’t want to do…got enough free stuff for now. But you can pay for a subscription on Hulu now, too, which I think could be pretty awesome.

  5. carrie

    I have a secret. I really enjoyed not working. It’s way easier for me to say that now that I have a job (which I’m at…reading your blog….) b/c at the time I was wracked with worry and guilt. But when I was offered this job and didn’t have to start for 2.5 weeks, I did precisely what you are doing and it was GLORIOUS. I got to stay up and watch Frasier on Lifetime every night. I watched Supernatural every morning (even though technically I’ve seen all the episodes ever). But it was fantastic. I applaud you, my dear!

    And yes, I would like you to come have lunch with me and/or coffee. Kthanxbai!

    • It’s hard to enjoy it when you’re worried, but if you’re not, it’s fantastic! As long as you’re the kind of person who can enjoy doing nothing, of course–and I am!

      Yeah, how about next Thursday for lunch at, say, Jaleo? MISS IT AND YOU!

  6. jo

    “The world just barely exists at 6 a.m., you know what I mean? The edges haven’t quite defined themselves and everything looks a little fuzzy and shiny.”

    Beautiful line and so true!

  7. There are other good websites that stream tv shows. I like TV duck, but I don’t know if its just for the states (but, if you can get Hulu, i’m sure you could get this). I recommend Mad Men!!!

    Also, any day I don’t have to set my alarm clock is a good day.

  8. Unemployment rocks! As does Hulu… I just wish I had Hulu when I was unemployed. Or I wish I could be unemployed now that I have Hulu because I have like lots of catching up to do. Sheez.

    • Yeah, it’s like it can’t be both, right? Like you can have EITHER Hulu OR unemployment.

      I choose…wait, I don’t have to! I have BOTH right now! Hooray for me!

  9. Ha Ha- love this “challenge”.

    Being a Lady of Leisure who Lunches myself, I can attest to its awesomeness. Although, when I didn’t have any other friends who were occupationally challenged here in Bangkok, sometimes the days would seem to drag on, but luckily there is always some new part of the city to explore, new restaurant to try or a new movie to watch on Netflix.

  10. Like yourself, im a Person of Leisure. Anytime someone asks me “oh, what do you do in Bangkok?” my answer gets complicated with “oh. Nothing. Literally nothing. I sit and if im lucky, i breathe, which i guess isnt the literal sense of ‘nothing’ but still, its as close as i can get”.

    Telling people that you dont have to work (im not a saver, im a Director of a company that pays me to not work) usually incites the whole “OH MY GOD HOW DO YOU DO IT?!” talk.

    Like yourself though, I watch everything ever made ever. I copied 800 Gigs of TV, Movies and other entertainment on my portable hard drive to bring with me. Many many years worth of entertainment watching for sure (if you’re interested in anything, gimmie a bell!). Not to mention, im still getting all the latest stuff from the states.

    The boredom has arrived and ive taken to starting up a swing dancing scene in bangkok and actually building my business more. In between naps and trips to siam paragon to see cheap movies.

    Let us all lunch with pride!


  11. Tee

    I’d love to be a lady of leisure every few weeks a year. It reminds me of the things I did during my school breaks which I don’t get to do anymore :( I considered being unemployed for a few months just to get the break but well…it didn’t seem practical so maybe some time in the future when I switch jobs or something.

    I lived in Illinois and later went to school in Indiana. Which area in the midwest were you at?

    • Unemployment is totally not practical, but I’m really enjoying it, so…maybe it’s practical for my mental health. :)

      I grew up in Missouri. We were neighbors!

  12. I’m now officially a lady of leisure … I guess you’re handling it better than me. To be honest it’s driving me crazy. :P

  13. Lena Kozlova

    Being unemployed is so very absolutely totally awesome! I’ve just got back from a 6-months SE Asia trip and the first thing I did was quit my job (yeah, I was naive enough to negotiate a long-term unpaid leave instead of quitting right away). Now I’m spending my days watching tons of TV shows, giggling silly at travel blogs (sometimes with embarrassing accidents – thank you very much, Unbrave Girl!), learning to figure skate with 6-year old kids and playing air hockey with my bro.

    Grown-up-hood can kiss my pyjama bottoms!

    • It can TOTALLY kiss my pyjama bottoms!

      Sweet–where did you go in SE Asia?

      • Lena Kozlova

        I started in Sri Lanka (in Istanbul even, so it wasn’t exclusively SE Asia), then Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and back to Thailand. The idea was to skip winter – best idea I ever had!

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