WTF?! (What THE?! Friday) Part…something

It’s been a few weeks since a WTF? post because I just haven’t seen much around lately. I’m also not looking quite as intently, I guess.

Anyway, here is one really good one:

Yup. It's a vomit sink. It's at this totally awesome brewery that I can't remember the name of. Somebody who was there with me (Melanie) help me out!

And not a WTF?, but it made me laugh so hard I almost peed my pants (or as Liz Lemon would say, “I’m lizzing! I’m lizzing!” Look it up.). From a frequent commenter on my blog who can identify himself if he wishes (he gave me permission to use this):

Bad farang t-shirt! Bwahahahahahahaha!

I’m also going to give a shout-out WTF to the Thai summer weather. Seriously, Thailand? SERIOUSLY? It’s the kind of heat where you’re sweating even in the shower, sweating when you’re just standing around in the shade, and sweating when you’re sleeping with the air conditioner on. I’m hoping I’m going to have awesome skin after sweating so much–it’s like being in a sauna ALL THE TIME.




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6 responses to “WTF?! (What THE?! Friday) Part…something

  1. If you could get a t-shirt like that printed, I think you’re good to go. Hehe. Oh, and could you send some summer heat this way? Seriously – one more rainstorm and I’m gonna get trenchfoot!

  2. The vomit sink was at the Tawandang Brewery on Rama III.

    I think we should make the Bad Farang shirt- I have the crafty supplies to make it happen :)

  3. Wow. What a thoughtful piece of porcelain. Methinks I should have one installed for such occasions.

    Ur. Hot? You should come up North. It’s been Noah’s Ark weather. . .

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