Challenge: Eating ALL the Burmese Food!

In case you don’t keep close track of my schedule (and why not?!), I visited Burma/Myanmar a few weeks ago with my buddies Sarah and Melanie. One of the reasons I was excited to visit Myanmar is that I just knew that Burmese food was delicious. All the Burmese food I’ve had in the States and in Thailand has been fantastic, so I was really excited to go to Myanmar and eat ALL the food.

Well, no thank you, Burma, I will pass on most of the Burmese food you presented.

Look, I’m sorry, but sometimes somebody has to speak the truth: Burmese food in Burma is not the most delicious stuff I’ve ever eaten. The Indian food was crazy good, though, so that’s positive!

Let’s recap:

Burmese food in Burma: No, thank you.

Burmese food outside of Burma: Yes, please!

Indian food in Burma: Yes, please!

Indian food outside of Burma: Yes, please!

Conclusion: Indian food is awesome.

And now some pictures!

My favorite meal of the trip:

See, it’s Indian! Fried bread cut up, samosas cut up, chickpeas, mint, tomatoes and potatoes, all covered in broth. It cost about 40 cents. I will dream about this for the rest of my life. Really.

This was supposed to be our last breakfast, except that a plane ran off the runway at the Yangon airport and we had one more night at a very nice hotel in Yangon. Air Asia actually came through; they took care of all the hotel stuff and then had a special extra flight the next day for all of us to get back to Bangkok.

That has nothing to do with food.

Final Score: 

Eating ALL the Burmese Food: 0   Sarah, Melanie, Megan: 1

We tried and tried and tried. I say we win!



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10 responses to “Challenge: Eating ALL the Burmese Food!

  1. Yay! Your posts make me excited about Burma, even though I clearly cannot count on Burmese food or snacks. But they still make me excited to go there and try the indifferent foods and greasy snacks for myself.

    Also, I just wanted to comment because your friend’s name is Melanie and so is mine. (I know it’s shocking I wasn’t given the name Odysseus right at birth, but my parents simply aren’t good at planning ahead.)

    • Burma was great. I would go back in a sec!

      Sometimes parents don’t pick the right names first, you know? But Melanie AND Odysseus are good names. :)

  2. mmmm yummy, what is that top right in the second picture? They look like parcels of goodness.

    This post makes me hungry, but I’m still in the UK so I’ll have to go make myself a bad ass omelette

    • That’s roti, dude! Awesome, awesome roti. They have it in Thailand, as well, but honestly, it’s better in Myanmar. Still, when you get to Thailand, we will find roti and we will stuff it in our faces!

  3. I don’t think I’ve ever had Burmese food — what’s it like at home?

    • Ummm…it’s delicious, basically, whereas in Myanmar it was…not. It was super oily in Myanmar, whereas at home, it’s…you know, not. Anyway, Burmese food adventures will be had when we meet up at some point!

  4. I would think that Burmese food would be delicious. If you found the local food “oily,” it may have been because they were: 1) reusing oil, or 2) using lower quality ingredients.
    Perhaps the higher quality stuff gets siphoned-off to the larger hotels or the military hierarchy?
    If you found the Indian food in Burma to be good…well, that’s just a mystery, and calls for investigation by that famous food detective, Hamhock Holmes.
    You could be his “Watson,” chronicling his cases by taking those wonderful [mouth-watering!] food pictures you’re so good at.

    • I’ve read that Burmese food is oily because it indicates you’re able to use a lot of oil, which is expensive, so it’s like a status thing. I don’ tknow.

      Hamhock Holmes! Wow, that is brilliant, dude! Seriously.

      And, thanks…I take pretty lousy photos. And I forgot to give Melanie photo credit. Whoops!

  5. Hahaha, authentically Burmese food didn’t do it for you then. Can’t say I’v’e ever tried Burmese food.

    But Indian? Omnomnomnom.

    An old housemate of mine had spent 2 years in India before we lived together. As a result, she developed an ‘authentic Indian palate’ – even the most mildest curries she made I couldn’t be in the same room with without my eyes watering!

    • Yeah, and I love Burmese food out of Burma, so go figure!

      Wow, sounds like your housemate really got into the Indian food. Lucky for you, though…

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