Oh hey, this is the one where I tell you how awesome I am!

So, Sabrina from Country Skipper (she’s a German living in Texas—poor thing!) tagged me for this round of 7 Links, started by Tripbase. I feel like it’s kind of like that Facebook thing “25 TMI Things About Me” that everybody did a year or two ago (I did it, too!). Anyway, the idea is to pick 7 of your most something posts.

But here’s the problem: Asking me to pick one of something is like asking…it’s like asking…what’s a good simile here? It’s like asking me to do something difficult that I’m almost incapable of doing. I don’t have a single favorite book; I have 5 favorite books. I don’t have one best friend; I have a lot.

The only thing I’m sure of is that my favorite food is pizza (my inner self must be a 20 year-old fraternity brother, right?!), but I can’t even pick one kind of pizza that’s my favorite.

See what I’m saying?

Anyway, I’ll give it a shot, but it’s highly doubtful that I’m going to get it down to 7.

1. My Most Beautiful Post

 Challenge: Seeing ALL the Temples of Bagan

Who am I, Johnny Vagabond? Oh, no. I’m Megan and I have a point-and-shoot camera and don’t edit any photos. Still, I loved the photos of the temples of Bagan and I had fun making the collage with Picassa, the Google photo software.

Some temples of Bagan.

  2. My Most Popular Post

Most hits:  WTF?! Part 15 : Bad Self-Esteem Edition  What does that say about people?

Most comments: Challenge: Megan vs. Mosquitos   People hate them some mosquitos, huh?

And a miscellaneous popular one: Challenge: Megan vs. Cockroaches I remember giggling like crazy when I wrote this. Yeah, I crack myself up, what can I say?

I am sorry (not really), but this is HILARIOUS.

3. My Most Controversial Post

I try not to write controversial things here, as much as I want to sometimes, because I don’t want to get mean comments. They would make me cry.

That is the truth.

So, I’m going with WTF?! Part 15: Bad Self-Esteem Edition (which also happens to be my most popular, hit-wise) because I acknowledge the fact that being a woman sucks sometimes. It’s like, what’s up, Society? Do I really need to whiten my armpits? Do I really need to wear a sheep placenta face mask to be beautiful?

I shun your beautifying products! Clearly I have natural grace and beauty!*

Side note: I recently bought deodorant that is not only anti-perspirant, it is also for whitening, firming, and is anti-wrinkle. AND it happens to be a really great deodorant. I don’t know if my armpits are less wrinkled, but I’m less smelly, so that’s a win for everyone.

*Photo by Brock!

4. My Most Helpful Post

Challenge: Using an Asian Bathroom

Well, it’s clear that my tutorial on how to use an Asian toilet is my most useful.

You’re welcome!

Here’s a little tease:

Good form, anonymous volunteer! You gotta dip it low, people. Channel your inner Beyonce.

5. A Post Whose Success Surprised Me

Dani and Megan vs. The Worst Pickpocket in the World

I thought it was kind of a funny story, but it’s my 5th most popular post, hit-wise.

Turns out Dani and Megan kick ass in all sorts of ways!

Yeah, we do.

6. A Post I Feel Didn’t Get the Attention It Deserved

Uh…just one? Well, crap.

Challenge: Being Judgmental of All People Equally

I think this post is freaking hilarious, and touches on a very important topic: Why do people only judge Americans?

I basically propose that, as the title says, we judge all people equally. There are jerks everywhere, not just in America! Believe me, I’ve traveled enough to know!

Anyway, I wrote this before I got into the Twitter community and all that jazz, so not a whole lot of people read it, beyond my family and friends (and, really, they’re the most important, I suppose…).

Sing with me: And I'm *proud* to be an American, where at least I know I can have Jello cake that looks like the American flag...

I’m also extremely partial to the Capital City Smackdown: BKK vs. DC  Part 1 and Part 2.

7. The Post I’m Most Proud Of

Megan vs. Herself: History’s Most Boring Smackdown Ever

This is the recap of my recent meditation retreat. It was really hard to put that experience into words, considering it was a silent retreat, but–*ahem, coughcough*–I thought the finished product was pretty awesomely hilarious and honest.

Still, I have to be honest: I spend a lot of time on almost everything I write for this blog, and I’m really, really proud of 95% of my writing. I’m not saying I’m the best writer ever, but my mom says so, and I believe almost everything she says about me (like that I am her most beautiful eldest daughter!).

And you should believe her, too.


Now I’m supposed to nominate some people to do this. I think it’s supposed to be 5, but I didn’t actually read the rules, so fingers crossed!

1. Brock from BrockEats. Blog more, Brock! We love your blogging!

2. Melanie from Leap Feet First. And not just because she is letting me live with her. Mainly because she has a lovely blog and she was my second blog friend!

3. Lani from Tell Thai Heart. Because she’s awesome and a good friend and I wish we lived in the same city.

4. Snap from Cooee. Because we’ve never met in real life, but I love her accounts of living in Chiang Mai, and I know we would be good buds.

5. Greg from Greg to Differ and also Bangkok Podcast. Because he is possibly the nicest guy I’ve ever met, is hilarious, and knows more about Bangkok than anybody.



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24 responses to “Oh hey, this is the one where I tell you how awesome I am!

  1. Navel cleaner didn’t even get nominated? Bogus!

  2. How did I miss the judgmental post? Being judgmental is like my hobby. Going there now!

  3. I now really do feel like a Thai blogging stalker, more blogs to read! It’s 4am here in the UK, i’m stuck working night shifts but now have gregtodiffer.com to keep me entertained.

    Thanks Megan!

  4. Jess

    I love all the posts! ALL THE POSTSESES!

  5. So many post I somehow missed… how is that even possible? I thought I was following so closely :) Anyways, I’m glad you’re participating and am off to read the “judgmental” post now. By the way, people judge everybody, not just Americans. Try being German and having WW II in your history ;)

  6. I love your photos/images but your writing even more :-)

  7. Marlee

    Gald you included eldest in that comment from mom :)

  8. 555 – i was just thinking that’s a good idea and then i see me (*blink blink*) at the bottom (i’m a bottom feeder – ewwww). hhhhhmmmmmm.

    okay i might have to bite! (*smack, smack* i feel like eating chips now…mouth so dry.)

  9. Megan, thanks for the mention…but I kind of feel ashamed, because my accounts of Chiang Mai etc. are more like aimless rantings most of the time.

    Here’s to awsomeness!

  10. Great choices, Megan. Seriously don’t know how you manage to pick those – All of your posts crack me up and I’ve loved them all since I discovered your blog. :D

    • Ah, thanks! I thought about including just a link to my entire blog and being like: READ THIS. But then I thought that wasn’t very humble. :)

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