It’s Hard to Eat ALL the Chips…

You know what I’ve discovered? There are a lot of damn chip flavors in the world. A lot.

And that means there are a lot of chips in today’s smackdown, so let’s get right down to it.

These Lay’s larb chips I tried on my own. Larb is a Thai salad of chopped meat, onions, mint, chilis, and other stuff. I don’t know what’s in it, but I know when it’s in my mouth that it’s delicious, and that’s the important thing.

Same thing with these chips. Holy schmoly, these were good! They were only a mini 5 baht bag (about, what, 10 cents?), and the only place I’ve ever seen them is in my buddy Greg’s old condo building in Chinatown, so if you see them elsewhere, buy them and eat them! Two thumbs up, for sure.

Megan + These Chips = Luv4Eva

The rest of the chips required a chip tasting session, so I invited the crew to help me out.

In order from worst to best, the chips were…

6. Greenday Okra Chips


This is about all these were good for.

So, if you take whole okra, freeze dry them and then fry them, you get “okra chips”. You also get “gross things that nobody wanted to eat”. They also got slimy as you ate them. I like okra in most any way: pickled, fried, curried…but apparently I don’t like okra chips. None of us did!

Rating: :(

5. Lay’s Rasa Salmon Teriyaki Chips


Brock and Josh brought these back from Indonesia for me. That’s a long flight for a bag of chips that we all agreed were totally meh. They were just kind of thin and anemic, without a lot of flavor. We could tell they were going for the teriyaki, but it didn’t stand out strongly at all. Guy insisted they had a weird creamy texture, which I didn’t really detect.

Rasa Salmon Teriyaki chips: Really meh.

 4. Greenday Jackfruit Chips

Not bad.

They didn’t smell great, so we all recommend that you just eat them without smelling them. They were a little sweet, and Brock confirmed that they are freeze-dried, then fried. Josh said they tasted like “starburst-flavored styrofoam”. Overall, we thought they were pleasant, although I probably wouldn’t buy them again.

Corey is really anxious to eat these chips.

3. Tastee Kimchi Hot Plate

Can somebody tell me the real name of these in Thai?

We liked the texture, but the kimchi flavor was pretty weak. There was a hint of pickled cabbage flavor, but that’s it. I wouldn’t buy them again, though I did finish the bag with my dinner the next day.

Guy is not so sure about these.

Josh compares the kimchi (on his right) and the salmon terikyaki (obviously his left). Which would you choose (I'm not leading here, but the kimchi one is the right answer)?

2. Doritos Cheeseburger


Corey and her boyfriend Dave brought these over from Canada for me! Isn’t that nice?

They were my favorite, but everybody else agreed they were 2nd place, so I’m going with the group consensus (even though it’s MY blog).

Josh huffing the chips. They did smell THAT good.

I think it was Guy who said, “What are they doing to my mouth?!” Maybe Brock, I’m not sure. We all thought they were great, though. They smell like hamburger pickles and taste like fake mustard, ketchup, pickle, and grilled meat. You know, just like a bad McDonald’s hamburger.

The things they can do with chemicals these days, huh?

So, I realize “bad McDonald’s hamburger” does not sound like something you want to eat–unless you do–but I could not stop stuffing these in my face. SO GOOD.

1. Jack & Jill Vegetarian Chicharron

Nom nom nom nom...

My friend Ray and his wife Nok, who are perhaps the nicest and sweetest human beings to ever walk the planet, brought me these from the Philippines! And I’m not saying that they’re that nice just because they brought me chips from the Philippines; I’m saying it because it’s true. If you know them, you know that. There was also a bag of fake bacon chips they brought me, but they got stolen during the night they passed the bag over to me. Seriously, somebody took them!

Anyway, everybody loved these.

Josh loves these so much he has been transformed into a savage beast!

Comments on these:

“Chip crack!”

“One of the best chips I’ve ever eaten.”

They were a little spicy and had a strong, yet not overwhelming, flavor. I don’t know that they really tasted like chicharron, but they tasted like love.

What, is that weird?

Chips I Did Not Get to Taste: Doritos Onion Rings and Ketchup

Corey and Dave brought these for me, too, but I made the mistake of leaving them at Brock and Josh’s for a few weeks.

I was shocked to hear that they mysteriously disappeared. I’m sure we’re all blaming the dog. You know, the one that ate my homework.

Puffin always eats the chips!

I mean, if Brock and Josh had eaten them–and I’m not saying they did!–then I’m guessing they would look like this:

Brock showing his Catholic guilt and Josh showing his total indifference.


p.s. Credit goes to Brock for the people pictures (besides, you know, the one he was in).

p.p.s. I realize this is totally vain, but I just want to say that if you see something funny on my nose, it’s not a giant zit; it’s a nose piercing! Geez, I’m vain!



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39 responses to “It’s Hard to Eat ALL the Chips…

  1. I did notice, but i thought that was just a stray potato chip you were saving for later! I will bring you some fine english crisps when i come to BKK… I recently had red squirrel flavour

  2. I find Doritos taste awesome until you stop eating them and the taste lingers in your mouth. Clearly the answer is to just keep eating until you black out.

  3. Jess

    I’ve figured out what you need to do when you come back here. You need to open a chip shop. You choose the flavors! You could MAKE THE CHIPS AND EAT ALL THE CHIPS! (because you have to test them!) And charge lots of money because if you live in the U.S., that’s how you make people want things. You’re welcome.

  4. Since I’ve been back in Canada, I’ve checked out all the cheese and chili based chips- jalapeno, cheddar, blue cheese, sweet chili, etc. Awesome! Am now absurdly fat (at least in my mind). I never felt so inspired by Chinese chips (hello fish soup flavour?) as I do by these… dangerous!

  5. Mmm, potato chips. Do you know the following facts about potato chips?:

    1. Some people can eat an entire bag of potato chips and call it dinner? (Hypothetical people, I mean. Ones who are definitely not me.)

    2. There’s a song about potato chips and it plays through my head whenever I crave them. Now you will hear this song all day, too. You’re welcome.

    • I did know the first fact, though I clearly don’t know any of those hypothetical people, either! Not me!

      Holy crap, I had never heard that song before. “Potato chips…I don’t want no lunch. All I want is potato chips.” New favorite song of ALL TIME. Thanks for the tip, lady!

  6. Laab chips!??!? Want! That creamy substance from the chip was probably a precipitate from the alien chemical ingredients reacting with human saliva. Same thing happened with Schlitz beer in the 80s, coincidentally right before they went out of business. Nothing like creamy lumps in a beer. But I digress. Larb chips?!?!? Want!

  7. Fake bacon chips? No wonder they were stolen :) I wanna try bacon chips now. Everything tastes better with bacon, right? And I’m not surprised about the okra chips… wouldn’t be my kind of chips either I think. My all-time favorite? Lays BBQ – I know, kind of lame, but they’re so good!

    • I wanna try bacon chips, too!

      Lay’s BBQ are good chips. Actually, Lay’s a pretty decent brand, for the most part. They’re not gourmet, but they’re good!

  8. Jay

    Click Like if you went back to look at megan’s nose. Great story and loved the pics.

  9. Eating all the chips would be like eating all the macarons — a feat worth pursuing but simply impossible!

    I know we don’t have the unique flavors in the US, but I’ll see what I can find if you’re able to come back for that visit soon!

  10. Well, that confirms it…you are TRULY the “Jedi-master” of chips! Don’t be surprised when all those Wikipedia folks start linking to your blog…

    Really, I’m surprised the “vegetable pork” chips won; I kinda thought that the “cheese-hamburger” chips would be a shoo-in, as people have been making fake cheese & beef for a long time, and those recipes are well-known [for example, for cheese think Velvetta petroleum products, or for beef, consider anything by Taco Bell*]. Oh, well…you can’t argue with scientific proof.

    *(just joking! Some of my closest friends LOVE Velvetta & Taco Bell)

  11. johnnie ronshon

    i still like mc donald fries with kfc gravy . beef or chicken chips

  12. Mack Reynolds

    this blog is awesome. i just read this for the first time the other day and had to read your chips installation again. i’m not as travelled (right word? probably not) as some people but i do love chips. i went to australia in 2006 and had the pleasure of eating Cheeto like chips (forgot the brand name). the interesting thing about them was that they not only came in cheese flavor, but also chicken flavor. awesome. it was almost like eating the powder from a ramen noodel soup pack. but in crunchy form. i also had some yummy doritos flavored with sweet chilli sauce. i miss those days. really love the picture of the okra horns. i love okra pickles too!

  13. ive been having weird cravings for doritos. I blame you, Megan. And that blame is harsh..

    Way harsh..

    And now, you’ve spiked my craving for poutine. Just have to find cheese curds and spiced gravy to make it complete.


  14. That’s it. I will seriously never head to Thailand without bringing a helluva lot of crisps from the UK for you to try. Haha. You are the chip champion!

  15. Ailene

    Funny post! The okra-flavored chips scare me. Where are they from? I don’t like the vegetable itself (to put it mildly), but I’m curious about how the chip version tastes like.

    I’m from the Philippines and I haven’t tried Chicharron ni Mang Juan! I better get myself a bag later. :)

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