Bravo turned down my idea for a reality show, so I’m stuck with this blog. What, Bravo, the idea of me sitting around on my couch and surfing the internet while eating copious amounts of potato chips isn’t exciting enough for you? I see how it is. I bet my friends and I would kill in the ratings. Talking politely about what books we’re going to read next and complimenting each other on how nice the other looks today? That’s gripping television. Your loss, Bravo!

Edit: We also sit at beach bars and talk about GRE words. That is a true story.

Edit 2: Plus, we have been known to sit at clubs and discuss the role women’s equality plays in an economy.

So, fine, I’ll start my own reality show. I live in Bangkok. Looking for adventure and challenges and finding them every day. Living in another country is hard, people! Daily smackdown challenges include: Not Sweating to Death, Not Being Run Over By a Moving Vehicle, Scavenging for Food, Understanding Thai TV, and Eating ALL the Chips!

If I’m not too lazy (that’s a big “if” there), I’m going to try to do one big smackdown challenge a week, chosen by myself or my crazy friends here. If you have any ideas for challenges, feel free to pass them on.

Special thanks to the idea for the smackdown from one of my favorite blogs, Thursday Night Smackdown. I only hope I can be as hilarious and awesome as she is. Not that I know her personally. But still.

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  1. Hey M!

    I just saw your comment on my blog. Would you like to meet up sometime? Of course, I am running on the assumption that you are not a serial killer and I am not *your* next smackdown! The raw cafe is awesome! I am going away for a few weeks on Mon. night, and between now and then in a work world wind and nursing a cat that I am not 100% sure won’t die soon, but perhaps when I return end of Oct.?


  2. I like your style Megan. I’m glad you found me and I’d happily join you on your journey or smackdowns in Thailand. (esp. since I feel the heat up here in Chiang Mai too)!

  3. HI megan!! Oh, thanks for visiting my blog:-) I just saw your comment and would love to hook with you. I’m new to BKK, from Singapore.

    I also recently created a blog-shop called: Mommy Must Have
    Here I share and sell essential, practical, inexpensive stuff… hope you visit it..
    do you have an FB site??? thanks! Keep in touch pls

    • Hey there! I would love to hear about Singapore and how you’re enjoying BKK! :) Let’s definitely meet up for coffee at some point…

      • Mia

        Hi megan, I just re read our exchange and we do need to meet up for coffee!! it’s long over due!!

        You hooked me up to Chicky and so grateful!

        Hope you can also link my blog in yours, and I ll do the same;)

  4. Elisa

    How did I not know about your blog until right now?!?!? Oh the hilarity! I’m so glad I can now stalk, I mean keep up with, all your adventures! Good luck smacking down ;)

  5. Wow. It’s like we’re living parallel lives in different parts of Thailand… oh yeah, and I change things up and sometimes by substituting potato chips with cookies. You know, gotta diversify.

    • That’s kind of what I thought when I was reading your blog…and I think maybe I will start substituting cookies sometimes. The chip flavors I have left right now are variations on BBQ. Not too exciting. :(

  6. Hey, you made it to my link list. Not that it means something, or rejoice, but this is 2011 now and… well, yes, it’s cool.

  7. Hey Stranger! I had no idea this blog existed, but am oh-so happy that it does. Looking forward to reading it from start to finish.

    Hope you’re doing well! xo

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  9. Hi Megan,

    Would you like to share links with my ‘Samui info blog’?

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