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It’s Hard to Eat ALL the Chips…

You know what I’ve discovered? There are a lot of damn chip flavors in the world. A lot.

And that means there are a lot of chips in today’s smackdown, so let’s get right down to it.

These Lay’s larb chips I tried on my own. Larb is a Thai salad of chopped meat, onions, mint, chilis, and other stuff. I don’t know what’s in it, but I know when it’s in my mouth that it’s delicious, and that’s the important thing.

Same thing with these chips. Holy schmoly, these were good! They were only a mini 5 baht bag (about, what, 10 cents?), and the only place I’ve ever seen them is in my buddy Greg’s old condo building in Chinatown, so if you see them elsewhere, buy them and eat them! Two thumbs up, for sure.

Megan + These Chips = Luv4Eva

The rest of the chips required a chip tasting session, so I invited the crew to help me out.

In order from worst to best, the chips were…

6. Greenday Okra Chips


This is about all these were good for.

So, if you take whole okra, freeze dry them and then fry them, you get “okra chips”. You also get “gross things that nobody wanted to eat”. They also got slimy as you ate them. I like okra in most any way: pickled, fried, curried…but apparently I don’t like okra chips. None of us did!

Rating: :(

5. Lay’s Rasa Salmon Teriyaki Chips


Brock and Josh brought these back from Indonesia for me. That’s a long flight for a bag of chips that we all agreed were totally meh. They were just kind of thin and anemic, without a lot of flavor. We could tell they were going for the teriyaki, but it didn’t stand out strongly at all. Guy insisted they had a weird creamy texture, which I didn’t really detect.

Rasa Salmon Teriyaki chips: Really meh.

 4. Greenday Jackfruit Chips

Not bad.

They didn’t smell great, so we all recommend that you just eat them without smelling them. They were a little sweet, and Brock confirmed that they are freeze-dried, then fried. Josh said they tasted like “starburst-flavored styrofoam”. Overall, we thought they were pleasant, although I probably wouldn’t buy them again.

Corey is really anxious to eat these chips.

3. Tastee Kimchi Hot Plate

Can somebody tell me the real name of these in Thai?

We liked the texture, but the kimchi flavor was pretty weak. There was a hint of pickled cabbage flavor, but that’s it. I wouldn’t buy them again, though I did finish the bag with my dinner the next day.

Guy is not so sure about these.

Josh compares the kimchi (on his right) and the salmon terikyaki (obviously his left). Which would you choose (I'm not leading here, but the kimchi one is the right answer)?

2. Doritos Cheeseburger


Corey and her boyfriend Dave brought these over from Canada for me! Isn’t that nice?

They were my favorite, but everybody else agreed they were 2nd place, so I’m going with the group consensus (even though it’s MY blog).

Josh huffing the chips. They did smell THAT good.

I think it was Guy who said, “What are they doing to my mouth?!” Maybe Brock, I’m not sure. We all thought they were great, though. They smell like hamburger pickles and taste like fake mustard, ketchup, pickle, and grilled meat. You know, just like a bad McDonald’s hamburger.

The things they can do with chemicals these days, huh?

So, I realize “bad McDonald’s hamburger” does not sound like something you want to eat–unless you do–but I could not stop stuffing these in my face. SO GOOD.

1. Jack & Jill Vegetarian Chicharron

Nom nom nom nom...

My friend Ray and his wife Nok, who are perhaps the nicest and sweetest human beings to ever walk the planet, brought me these from the Philippines! And I’m not saying that they’re that nice just because they brought me chips from the Philippines; I’m saying it because it’s true. If you know them, you know that. There was also a bag of fake bacon chips they brought me, but they got stolen during the night they passed the bag over to me. Seriously, somebody took them!

Anyway, everybody loved these.

Josh loves these so much he has been transformed into a savage beast!

Comments on these:

“Chip crack!”

“One of the best chips I’ve ever eaten.”

They were a little spicy and had a strong, yet not overwhelming, flavor. I don’t know that they really tasted like chicharron, but they tasted like love.

What, is that weird?

Chips I Did Not Get to Taste: Doritos Onion Rings and Ketchup

Corey and Dave brought these for me, too, but I made the mistake of leaving them at Brock and Josh’s for a few weeks.

I was shocked to hear that they mysteriously disappeared. I’m sure we’re all blaming the dog. You know, the one that ate my homework.

Puffin always eats the chips!

I mean, if Brock and Josh had eaten them–and I’m not saying they did!–then I’m guessing they would look like this:

Brock showing his Catholic guilt and Josh showing his total indifference.


p.s. Credit goes to Brock for the people pictures (besides, you know, the one he was in).

p.p.s. I realize this is totally vain, but I just want to say that if you see something funny on my nose, it’s not a giant zit; it’s a nose piercing! Geez, I’m vain!



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Eating ALL the chips in Myanmar!

When I visited Burma/Myanmar, I knew I had to get some potato chips. The major obstacle here was that Burma has no 7-11’s.

I’m going to let that sink in for a second.

Where are you supposed to get junk food if there are no 7-11’s?

I finally bought some chips off a guy selling them from a basket in a bus station and after much thought, I came to a conclusion that I think could change Myanmar’s foreign policy:

If Myanmar is ever going to get serious about making it in the developed world, they are really going to have to do something about the junk food situation, because it is abysmal. Developed countries have good junk food options.

Thank you. No, I did not take any foreign policy classes–I know you’re shocked!–I just tell it like it is.


Notice that the name of these is “Oishi”, which means “delicious” in Japanese. That name is totally ironic, because these were the opposite of delicious (disgusting). Very thin and incredibly greasy, yet not crispy, they tasted like old fry oil.

They were so bad, in fact, that I gave up my attempt to eat ALL the chips in Myanmar after this one bag.

In any case, fresh samosas from the street made up for any fried food cravings I had.

But, seriously, Myanmar, if you need a junk food consultant, you know where to find me…




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Eating ALL the Chips: Part 5

For this session of Eating ALL the Chips, I enlisted some help because I had some seriously scary chips to try and I didn’t think I could do it on my own. I’m a wimp, what can I say?

For the first chip-tasting session, I brought along two bags when I visited the Bangkok Podcast guys with my sister and brother-in-law.

The first kind we tried was Black Pepper Crab. I didn’t get a picture of them and I couldn’t find them at the store after, of course, so you just have to imagine a picture of a crab on the front of a bag of chips. They were kind of okay. I don’t think I’d go out of my way to buy them, but I wouldn’t avoid them, either.

The second kind was Lay’s grilled squid and dipping sauce. I was really nervous about these because of a scarring incident a few months ago with hot chili squid oil chips (I don’t know what I was thinking, either!). I opened the bag of the grilled squid chips and hesitantly took a sniff. They smelled like grilled squid, which means they smelled like dirty gym socks, and I started to whimper. Luckily, we all agreed that they tasted better than they smelled. Whew! Crises averted!

For the second adventure, I held a Potato Chip Degustation. Get your tickets for the next one, folks, they go early!

Actually, I had to bribe my friends with the promise of burritos and a movie in exchange for what promised to be some truly terrible potato chip eating.

Our tasting crew:

Guy and Josh. So innocent.

We're excited about one and not so much about the other.

Brock, on the right up there, has a blog, too, and is hilarious. You should also pay him money to show you around Thailand, because he’s really good at knowing things. Seriously.

Fearless leader for the evening (it was MY apartment and MY potato chips) and burrito maker extraordinaire. (Photo by Brock)

Puffin likes potato chips, too! (Photo by Brock)

We had four kinds of chips to try. In order from best to worst, here they are…

Number 1:

My friend Jay brought me these all the way from the Great Land of Canadia. Did you know they speak English there in some parts? It’s true!


Old Dutch Salt and Vinegar

My notes for the Salt ‘n Vinegar chips are just a smiley face. :) I believe that means we liked them!

Number 2:


Old Dutch Ketchup

Before I tell you what we thought of these, here is a picture of me smelling them first:

Ketchup chips do not smell good. (Photo by Brock)

Jay also brought these from the Great Land of Canadia. Did you know they have their own money in Canada? I KNOW! I was shocked, too!

So, the ketchup chips don’t smell so good and they are bright red, and we all got a little nervous. I’d had ketchup chips before and had liked them, but seriously, the smell this time? Total grossness.

In the end, we all liked them a lot, but Brock realized they tasted a lot like bread and butter pickles, which I hate, but some people love. In any case, I liked the ketchup chips.

Number 3:

Calbee Okonomiyaki

Okonomiyaki is a delicious Japanese food–and Japan happens to be where I met Brock and Josh, lo these many years (lo, almost 8 years, as a matter of fact). The chips tasted mostly of nori (seaweed) and the brown sauce they put on top of the okonomiyaki.

Now, who can tell me where to get some Osaka-style okonomiyaki in Bangkok? Internetverse, get busy!

Number 4:

Calbee Mocha Cocoa

My friend Aaron, who runs a website where he reviews super fancy schmancy hotels in Thailand, brought me some fabulous salt and vinegar chips from Australia the last time he came through Bangkok. This time he brought me mocha cocoa chips from Japan.

You’ve read that right.

When Aaron sent me an email asking if I wanted these chips, of course I said yes.

“They sound disgusting,” he warned.

“I know!” I replied, insulted. “They sound truly horrible, but I’m a professional, Aaron, and I don’t shy away from something just because it sounds like it might be bad.”

Well. I’m sorry about that now. And you know what? I’m not even a professional. I don’t get paid to do this crap. I just do it because I’m a Lady of Leisure Who Lunches and I have nothing better to do with my time.

And now, without further ado, the result of the tasting:

Brock is pretty sure his life has been ruined by these chips.

Trying not to spit them back up. I was successful! (Photo by Brock)

We all agreed that these just tasted like burnt. Burnt what? Just burnt. The bag advertises that they are bitter and sweet, but trust us, they were just bitter.

I thought they were better than the blueberry and hazelnut Pringles, but Brock disagreed. He thought the mocha cocoa chips were much worse. We agreed to disagree, which we have to do a lot or else we would never get through a conversation (we both have a LOT of opinions).

Puffin’s Degustation

Brock and Josh’s puppy, 6-month-old Puffin, also took part in her own degustation.

Puffin likes potato chips! (Photo by Brock)

Puffin's seal of approval for the ketchup chips! (Photo by Brock)

p.s. The burritos were delicious and we watched Sixteen Candles. I can still recite a lot of the movie, and the final scene were Sam (Molly Ringwald) gets together with Jake (That One Actor Guy) still made me feel all squishy inside. The date rape and the racism made me feel not so squishy, however.


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WTF? (What THE?! Fridays) Part 13 (Is that unlucky?) Christmas Edition

This week’s WTF? is not so much a WTF?, unless you are my parents and you are continually amazed that other parts of the world have Christmas stuff, as well. To be fair, I’m kind of amused myself that there are so many Christmas decorations and so much Christmas music around Thailand. One of my Thai friends said it’s because Thais love any excuse to have fun and have a party.

So, I’m just going to post a (very) few pictures of a Thai Christmas…

Christmas decorations at Paragon mall.

Christmas Bunny...

Christmas Bunnies plural.

(At Amarin Mall) Christmas BEAR dressed up as Christmas BUNNY! This is doing my head in because it's so cute. Gah.


Utz Cheddar and Sour Cream potato chips. For the love of god, I have the best sister in the world. I'm not even going to tell you the average price of the chips after shipping. But totally worth it. Totally worth it. Thanks, sis!

Me in a chip coma. There was a funnier, even more staged one where I had strewn chips all over my face--which is what usually happens when I eat chips--but I decided to have some dignity (shut it!). Anyway, I'm not kidding, these chips are by FAR superior to anything there is in Thailand. I'm sorry, but it's true.

Christmas Eve plans include traditional Christmas Eve burritos and many margaritas with the lovely Dani and Melanie and their respective others. Christmas dinner will be spent with Melanie and her respective other, eating homemade apple pie. Be jealous, suckers. Melanie has an oven!

I’m not quite missing Christmas yet because it feels so much like summer here still. If I were in a cold, Christian country, I might feel a little different. But as I’m currently in a hot Buddhist country sitting in my underwear and sweating like crazy, I’m kind of forgetting I’m supposed to be all bundled up in a blanket, sitting with my family and watching 24 hours of A Christmas Story while stuffing myself silly with delicious food…ahhhh….

And one more Christmas Bunny picture…

Does the Christmas Bunny leave baskets by coming down the chimney? But do they have chimneys in Thailand? INSANITY!

Merry Christmas to my friends and family! I miss you all!


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