Best Of

Here is a list of some of my favorite posts to help get you started.

You’re welcome!

Eating ALL the Chips

I like to eat chips. See what chips I like to eat. It’s like a public service announcement, or something.

Attempt 1

Attempt 2

Attempt 3

Attempt 4

WTF?! (What THE? Fridays)

I like to showcase a little bit of the craziness in Thailand.

WTF? Bad Self-Esteem Edition Ladies, read this if you’re feeling pretty good about yourself today. You’ll feel horrible after you realize all the things you need to fix about yourself!

Random Other Things About Living Abroad

Challenge: Overcoming Introversion

Challenge: Conquering Homesickness

Challenge: Explaining a Thai Music Video

Challenge: Not Losing It

Challenge: Megan vs. Cockroaches



One response to “Best Of

  1. Henry

    Hi Meg,
    I hope you are OK at this dramatic time for the Bangkok people. I’m not shure if you remember me. I was your student at ILI in Washington DC(2001-2002) – one of many!!!:)

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