WTF? (What THE? Fridays) Part 9

Hopefully continuing collection of pictures of things in Thailand that make me scratch my head, chuckle, or just generally go–HUH?

Because everybody else has a Wordless Wednesday or TMI Tuesday, or whatever, and I want one, too.

This week’s WTF? is brought to you exclusively by Wat Phrathat Doi Saket, near Chiang Mai.

Cutting its tail then, leaving away to the monastery.

The cat at a grilled-fish./The untrustable at work, with a desirable one.

Deal with fire,/Risky, jeopardized, too dare to.

Chasing the grasshoppers on an elephant. Overinvesting for a little result, waste.


Both the hands fishing/Seeking two things simultaneously, risky to fail.

Crabs in the flat basket./Playful children, especially in group.


Chicken inside the fist/Being under absolute power of someone.

Friday update:

In Vietnam until tomorrow morning! I’m writing this on Tuesday, so hopefully we’re having a great time by the time you read this!



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8 responses to “WTF? (What THE? Fridays) Part 9

  1. I kinda like the chasing grasshoppers on an elephant one. I think I can use it, and it translates well into English.

    I’ve got some great WTF photos of Japan that I took this week inspired by you, I’d love to show you, but not sure where to post them..

  2. in a weird way, i kind of understand these… hope you’re having a rad time in vietnam!

  3. They are wonky in their translations, but interesting. Some Thai idioms I have to get a Thai to explain as history comes into it.

    • Yeah, some of the translations aren’t so great. I saw an interesting explanation of some Thai idioms around the web…they make sense once you know the history, like you said!

  4. Steph

    My favorite is the crabs in flat basket, with the one kid obviously in serious pain and two crabs chomping on his fingers, while the other kids looks on with a smile, reaching for same pain inducing crabs. If that’s not playful children, especially in a group, I don’t know what is.

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