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WTF?! (What THE?! Fridays): Burmese Edition

Hooray, Burma also has WTF?!-worthy moments!

Please keep in mind that WTF?!-worthy moments for me are also just things that make me scratch my head or kind of go–huh! Not passing judgment (I mean, sometimes I am, but not always!).

Erm...Is it the human hair that's working OR are humans working the hair? I NEED ANSWERS, MYANMAR.

Yikes. I know this probably isn't uncommon, but we were all still kind of weirded out by it.

I'm including this in WTF?! just because I don't have anywhere else to put it, but I loved this aspect of Burma. Cell phones aren't common, and I don't know how many people have home phones, so people set up phones on the street and charge for calls. Like phone booths, only not. It was brilliant.

Now whenever I complain about Thai sidewalks, I think of these and feel better.

All photo credits to Melanie.

Happy Friday and Buddhist holiday to those of you in Thailand!



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WTF?! (What THE? Friday) Part…um…someday I’ll look up the number

My new friend Kathy has a blog where she makes the coolest comics ever. Plus, she is so adorable you just want to put her in your pocket and carry her around with you. Anyway, we met for lunch last week at a mostly vegetarian restaurant/shop called Lemon Farm. These are a couple of the things we saw:

Yup, that's a tamarind enema. It was in tea bags, which I guess you brew before you use...

...this? She looks so happy, doesn't she?


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WTF?! (What THE?! Friday) Part…something

It’s been a few weeks since a WTF? post because I just haven’t seen much around lately. I’m also not looking quite as intently, I guess.

Anyway, here is one really good one:

Yup. It's a vomit sink. It's at this totally awesome brewery that I can't remember the name of. Somebody who was there with me (Melanie) help me out!

And not a WTF?, but it made me laugh so hard I almost peed my pants (or as Liz Lemon would say, “I’m lizzing! I’m lizzing!” Look it up.). From a frequent commenter on my blog who can identify himself if he wishes (he gave me permission to use this):

Bad farang t-shirt! Bwahahahahahahaha!

I’m also going to give a shout-out WTF to the Thai summer weather. Seriously, Thailand? SERIOUSLY? It’s the kind of heat where you’re sweating even in the shower, sweating when you’re just standing around in the shade, and sweating when you’re sleeping with the air conditioner on. I’m hoping I’m going to have awesome skin after sweating so much–it’s like being in a sauna ALL THE TIME.



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WTF? (What THE?! Friday) Part 20

This week’s WTF? is a jumble, and are things I found amusing rather than WTF-y.


I was at Daiso, a Japanese discount store, the other day, and ran across this lunch box brush. It was so specific it made me chuckle. "NO! Don't use that brush! It's for lunch boxes ONLY!"


This coffee shop at the mall near me has wild civet coffee, apparently. That's the kind of coffee that comes from a wild civet's poop or something. According to Wikipedia, 300 baht (about $10) is very cheap for a cup of this poop coffee. I did not try it.

This is my first week of unemployment where I have had no guests. I miss having people around, so I have been occupying my time as a Lady of Leisure Who Lunches. It’s my new job, and I’m really good at it. I’m trying to figure out why I don’t have any time to do the work I actually need to do during the day, until I realize–oh yeah, I sat and talked with my friends for four hours at BKK Bagels. More than once. And then met other people for dinner. So that’s why I didn’t get my work done.


In any case, if anybody knows of a super great job they think would be perfect for me, or if you would just like to send me large sums of cash so I can keep up the lifestyle to which I hope to be accustomed, please drop me a line!

<3 U! (Let’s see if my mom can figure that one out…)



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WTF? (What THE?! Friday) Part 19

Today’s WTF? is a mishmash of pictures from the past few weeks. No theme!

My friends, I hate to break this to you: Cheesecake is not healthy, even if they add fiber to it. I'm sure it's still delicious, though!


It’s a 7-Eleven ear cleaner! You really CAN get everything you need there!


The Breeze of Toilet! I have been told that this sign is actually an advertisement for how good the toilets are here.

Beat Me and Ride Me body wash. Um?

Happy Friday and day off in Thailand!

Oh, and I gave my notice at my job. Last day is March 4. I’m sure my parents are wondering how I got to be this old and still have no idea what I want to do with my life…


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WTF? (What THE?! Fridays) Part 18

This week’s WTF? is brought to you by the crazy electrical/phone/whatever cables that can be found throughout Thailand.

I am in awe whenever I see the mess of lines and impressed that electricity and phones even actually work. It’s like the traffic here: Somehow the chaos works. I don’t understand it, but I’m not going to question it (that’s a lie, but I’m trying to make myself look better).

In any case, no judgement, just awe–How does it work?



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WTF? (What THE?! Fridays) Part 17: Corn Dessert Edition

Hopefully continuing collection of pictures of things that make me scratch my head, chuckle, or just generally go–HUH?

Because everybody else has a Wordless Wednesday or TMI Tuesday, or whatever, and I want one, too!

This week’s WTF? is dedicated to those corn lovers out there…

Milky Corn Drink. Still have not tried it. Don't want to. Closed minded! Don't care!

This actually makes me want to throw up in my mouth a little. Actually, I DID just throw up in my mouth a little.

Thai dessert of shaved ice with super sweet syrup, black jelly, and corn. Yeah. No comment there, really. Obviously some Thai people ordered this for me.

Corn ice cream. I tried it, okay? I've decided I don't like the texture of frozen corn, which I knew before, anyway. It's like eating a soft tooth or something. Ick.

From KFC. This does not look appetizing to me. Does it look good to anybody else? And if so, are you under the treatment of a doctor for Disgusting Syndrome? They have something for that. It's called good taste.


Nelson's Corn in Cup from Malaysia. I don't think that it was all dessert, but still! (photo by Jason)


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